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AABN:  34598
Title: a book entitled, 'Lost Quelese Relics'

A codex of lost artifacts of the mage-crafters of Q'thelas. Compiled by I,
Veocardi, Artificer of the Technarium of Q'Inag.

The Eyes of the Magus - rumored to be the spectacles worn by the
Wizard-King Cazshalin I, earning him the nickname "Mage-Eye". They are fine
golden rims containing a pair of round crystal lenses. A circle of runes
are etched into each of the lenses. They are believed to be interred with
one of Cazshalin's apprentices.

The Fists of Pai - this powerful weapon consists of a pair of heavy fists
cast from silver. Each is hollow and contains a handle, allowing them to be
worn over regular gloves. A skilled mage-crafter enchanted them with a very
rare force field formulation. When worn, a pair of glowing fists composed
of magical force appear in the air in front of the wearer and mimic the
movements of his fists. Because the wearers' hands are clasped about the
handles on the inside of the Fists, they cannot be used to grab or grapple
opponents. The fists are believed to be interred in the Crematorium of Pai.

The Shield of Aid - handed down from paladin to paladin, this heater shield
bears the mark of a red cross. It was instrumental in the slaying of dozens
of dragons over its long history. It is believed to be buried in the
treasure hoard of whatever dragon defeated its last carrier.

The Lyre of Creation - this musical instrument was enchanted with geomantic
magic, and is believed to have the ability to shape earth and stone when
played correctly. It is said that many ancient Quelese tombs were excavated
using its power. Its final resting place remains unknown.

The Crystal Shield of the Archmagus - this beautiful artifact was created
for the Battle Master Lang-Su, an unusually talented martial artist and
battlemage. It fulfilled his need to have a shield for defense that would
increase his magical power. It is believed to have buried with him in the
catacombs on the island of Q'Inag.

The Mace of Righteous Indignation - this weapon was crafted for the use of
the High Paladin of Q'thelas. It was loaned to Battle Master Wong and
became his favorite weapon, when he deigned to wield one. When Wong was
killed in battle, the Mace was buried with him in the catacombs of Q'Inag.

The Buckler of Conservation - this early druidic artifact was crafted by
priests of Xandar. It bears a tree-of-life motif, and also employs many
glyphs, as opposed to the more advanced elemental runes and holy sigils
that were favored at the time. Battle Master Wong used this shield when he
chose to employ his unarmed combat skills.

Greyswarth, the Crystal Sword - this crystal blade was wielded by Battle
Master Roshin. It is said to have helped defend the wielder from magical
attacks. He carried it to his death at the assault on the Fire Towers led
by Queen Elandria. It was interred with his remains in a tomb at the
Rud'Jali Oasis.

The gauntlet of perpetual burning - forged by a famed cleric of Shadowfax,
Falsta, in the fires of a volcano, these silver gauntlets were infused with
the power of the fire god himself. It is believed the gauntlets were buried
with Falsta long, long ago near Q'Ital.

The Mails of the Sun - these shining mail coats have a long history. Each
is emblazoned with a sun emblem, and is themed to a different time of day
or solar event. They were gifted to talented spellcasters of all kinds,
each custom-made for the wearer. The recipes for their forging were closely
guarded by the royal mage-crafters in Q'thelas, and the art of their making
is now lost. Every now and again a surviving Mail of the Sun turns up in a
treasure hoard or as the treasured possession of a ruling family. 

White Hand Weapons - these two-handed weapons were wielded by an ancient
society of ghost hunters. The weapons do magical damage, allowing them to
harm ethereal creatures. They were forged from snow adamantine, with
handles carved from diamondwood, a tree from the Planes of Light. A clear
diamond acts as a catalyst for channeling magic into the weapon.

And there are many more treasures, half-fogotten: blades of emerald,
armbands of glory, glittering mail woven from diamond matrices, shields and
weapons made from light and shadow and magic itself! Alas, all lost.

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