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AABN:  37344
Title: a book called 'History of Kenai'

A dark and powerful god once existed in the world of Alter Aeon.  His
name, was Kenai.

Rarely coherent, the immortal inspired evil to run rampant over the
land.  Many times he had pushed the boundries of the rules set by
Dentin, until one night, he took them too far.  

He bagan his rampage by bringing the powerful Mindflayer to the center
of Dentin's temple, where mortal men frequented as a place of safe
haven and rest.  The mortals, recognizing the problem that such a beast
created, banded together and slayed it, leaving it's blood in the
temple for all to see.

The Dark God didn't stop there, he began following a mortal named
Osaka, who was accomplished in the arts of adventuring.  Kenai began to
cast a confuse spell on him, and while confused, handed him another of
the dreaded beasts of Alter Aeon:  The Hive Queen.  Being confused,
Osaka didn't think he really had the Hive Queen, until he saw things
disapearing from his inventory.  Thinking quickly, the clever mortal
lept into Jade Lake, effectively drowning the beast while he carried
it.  He recovered most of his equipment from it's corpse and thought he
was safe, until the Dark One began transporting the Dreaded Chaos
Beastlord to his location.  The mortals concluded that Kenai was seeing
through one of them, everything one of them experienced, the Dark God
experienced also.  They began to examine and sort through the contents
of their containers, knowing that Kenai would see it also.  They did so
repeatedly, until the Dark One's mind was pushed over the edge and into
another world.

Dentin learned of the events that had transpired over one night, and
became consumed in rage.  Taking Kenai's immortal body to the edge of
existence, Dentin cast him into the Soul Vortex, snuffing out the Dark
One's taint on the mortal world.

None have seen or heard the Dark God since.  

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