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AABN:  37350
Title: a book called 'The Bounty of the Sea'

The Bounty of the Sea

Fish commonly grace the tables of any people that live near the ocean.
However, there are so very many edible treats that can be found along the
shore and in the depths. Crabs, squid, lobsters, shrimp and octopi are also
common fare.

Overlooked by those that are not versed in plant lore are the rich beds of
seaweed that grow in the shallower parts of the oceans. They come in many
varieties, and make flavorful stocks for soups and stews. They can also be
dried and ground into meal to be mixed with grain in cakes, or wrapped
around pieces of meat or fruit and baked. A Suborian delicacy is sushi,
many varieties of which incorporate a seaweed wrap around an inner core of
rice, fish and vegetables.

Also of note are the varied creatures that crawl along the bottom of the
sea or lived buried in the mud. Those knowledgeable in animal lore can find
edible snails, mussels, clams, oysters and more. These often hide beneath
rocks or deep in the mud, or are camouflaged so well that only a trained
eye may find them. Shucking bivalves prior to cooking them at times yields
valuable mother-of-pearl. Beautiful corals can also be salvaged from the
deeps, though finding ones of gem quality is quite rare.

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