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AABN:  37356
Title: a book called 'Kha'Khessir the Ancient Black dragon'

In the days of early Ralnoth, a mated pair of young black dragons  lived
near the Green River, in what is now called the Ralnoth Fen. The name of
the dragoness is lost in time, but the male was called Kha'kessir.

When the townsfolk moved out from the confines of the ancient fortress they
became careless and stupid.  They began building new houses, clearing trees
and planting fields.  The female black dragon became curious and went to
investigate what the humans were doing. They panicked at the sight of her,
and she was slain by arrows and lances of the Ralnoth Watch.

Seeking revenge on the humans that killed his mate, Kha'Khessir attacked
Ralnoth. Rhug'guari was among the humans to survive the attack.  After
searching for many centuries Rhug'guari devised a plan to take her revenge
on Kha'Khessir. Though time passed and Rhug'guari had been unable to kill
the black dragon she suceeded in putting him to sleep.  Kha'Khessir awaits
someone to wake him from his slumber.

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