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AABN:  37370
Title: a book titled 'Sympathetic Magic In Weaponsmithing'

Bestowing weapons with special properties is an ancient art. Druids carve
runes into humble branches to unlock magical properties, while mages can
weave force fields or elemental energies into blades to bestow powerful

There are, however, ways of constructing weapons that can align sympathetic
magical forces latent in the base materials. These formulae are not unlike
the art of brewing potions - combining the right metal with the right wood
and insetting it with the right gemstone can achieve effects no ordinary
weapon can have. These can range from bane properties against certain
magical races to a weapon with natural toxins in its blade.

One of the simplest and most widely known of these weapons is a rapier of
wit. It requires a rapier blade - any metal will do, as the thinness of the
blade is the key property needed. Add a grip carved from fruiting wood such
as plum, apple, cherry or pear and set a sard cabochon in its guard. The
blade will draw mana from the surroundings and channel it into the hilt,
enhancing the intelligence-boosting affects of the sard on its wielder.

There are many different weapons of this sort, some of them truly ancient
and their powers kept secret. Others may be discovered with diligence and

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