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AABN:  37387
Title: a book called 'Runes and Glyphs'

Druidic rune magic is one of the most ancient forms.  Legend speaks of the
demigod, Odin, learning runes as he hung crucified on the worldtree,
Yggdrasil. He taught these runes to his followers, the Vikings, who used
them for divining and inscribing into items of power. The art of glyphs was
spread by the Vikings to the rest of the world.

Scholars doubt the veracity of such legends. Evidence suggests that the
druidic glyphs originated from dealings between men and faeries. They may
indeed be the written form of the faerie language. The practice appears to
have started independently in several locations.

Runes are most certainly used by the faeries of the Dunn Hurr. They have
been taught to mortals since antiquity. Odin and the Viking pantheon are
believed to be descendants of faeries and giants. They may indeed have a
runic tradition that they shared with their human worshippers, so there may
be a grain of truth to the Viking story.

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