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AABN:  37388
Title: a book called 'Ethics of Magic'

A few of the more primitive religions teach that magic is inherently evil,
and that any magic user is endangering his immortal soul. Others teach that
certain techniques or schools of magic are evil, most often necromancy.
Certainly, badly-cast spells can have disastrous side effects. Occasionally
a clumsy necromancer is devoured by a genuine demon!

Scrying, illusion, shadow and teleportation magic are often stigmatized as
well. The fact these disciplines are useful for espionage and voyeurism is
not lost on even the most simple-minded layman. However, these abilities
are easily held in check by cheap, readily available wards. Only the most
foolish or impoverished man fails to put a scrying ward above his bathtub
or his daughter's bedroom!

Most magical scholars agree that there is no real distinction between
'white' or 'black' magic, just in how a spell is used.  However, there is a
consensus that certain types of spells - such as those involving live
sacrifices, sexual acts or tampering with souls beyond that of lifeforce
harvesting - are obviously unethical and should not be practiced. 

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