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AABN:  43803
Title: Loric's journal

The journal is very old and seems to date back before Lorics fall. It seems
Loric used to be a good man, and in fact had the hospital founded on his
behalf after he saved a wealthy woman's life and refused any rewards.

Many years after the hospitals founding there are writings of a voice
whispering dark secrets to Loric. He writes that he ignored them, he knew
they were wrong, the things they told him to do were evil and corrupt. 

Many years after that he writes of how the voices were right. The things
they told him brought him pure ecstasy. He learned the secrets of draining
pure life energy away from people.  He had to be careful, use this ability
in moderation where none would notice. After all it's a hospital and
people are bound to be sick already.

His last entry from this time period speaks of a slip. Loric went to far,
he drained the entire essence of a patient. He hid in a room nobody knew
about, not even himself until this point. He somehow just instinctively knew
it was there. He suspected the voices had something to do with it. Now he's
tired, he'll write more when he wakes up....

The next entry starts more than a hundred years later. Loric writes that he
woke up, feeling stronger than ever.  When he woke up he had no idea how
long he had been asleep, and never would have known if not for the woman
who was waiting for him. The very same woman whose life he had saved. The
very same woman who founded the hospital.  She spoke to him of a council,
and their goals. Their patron deity who isn't named in the journal. 

The council plans to drain the life energy of the entire world in the name
of their deity. Loric joins the council and helps with their goals. Though
he finds the planets energy isn't as satisfying as taking directly from a

Eventually he begins to sneak out into the hospital under the cloak of an
invisibility spell to drain energy from his patients.

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