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AABN:  45529
Title: a book called 'Major Cults of the Church of Shadowfax'

Major Cults of the Church of Shadowfax

The worshippers of Shadowfax are loosely organized into four major factions
and countless smaller ones.  These factions are usually referred to as
cults.  Each cult has a hierarchy unto itself and is ruled by its own
leader.  Each major cult is governed by a high priest.  Efforts between
cults are coordinated by special liasons called ordinators, who are chosen
directly by the Deity himself.  Ordinators do their best to prevent cults
from working at cross-purpose, but the various cults rarely cooperate in
any matters except combatting heretics.

The major cults are:

The Cult of the Flame

This cult is the most numerous and widespread body of Shadowfax
worshippers.  They honor Shadowfax as master and guardian of all fire in
the multiverse.  Members of the cult can be found all over the world.  The
largest concentration live in the Naginag Combine, where the cult is
rapidly becoming more popular among the Gilasgalow and Quelese.  The cult
counts many powerful priests, mages and adventurers in their numbers. 
Their aggressive proselytizing efforts account for their increasing

The Cult of the Sun

This faction believes that Shadowfax is the literal embodiment of the sun. 
Cultists are largely confined to the Aztec Empire, where He is widely
popular.  Many Aztecs worship Him in triune with Dentin and Draak.

The Cult of Life

This belief system is practiced by some murlock tribes of the central
K'tinga River Valley.  They worship Shadowfax as the progenitor of life and
guide of the mystic energy that animates the bodies of all living things,
filling the role that Xandar has in many other murlock tribes' religions. 
Like other murlock religions, they assign little personality to the god,
and their worship of him is subtle.

The Cult of Light

This cult is strongest in the Kingdom of Avalon.  Their tenets center
around the belief that Shadowfax is an enlightened being who is the source
of truth and light, and that acts of altruism will bring one closer to the

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