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AABN:  47650
Title: a book entitled "G is for Golem"

"G is for Golem"

by Brelayna Curtas, Guild of Artists, Philosophers and Freethinkers

Have you ever seen a walking suit of armor? What about a mechanical man
delivering packages? Or even statues that seem alive!

Then you have seen a golem!

(An illustration accompanies the text -- a clockwork golem of modern
design, shaped roughly like a human wearing a tailored uniform. It carries
a satchel of packages across its back.)

Golems are our special servants. Mages make them in magical workshops.
Making golems is very hard, so there are not as many as people would like.
But they last for a long, long time. Some golems are so old that your
great-great-grandparents may have owned them!

We have golems to do hard work that is unsafe for people or animals to do.
They don't get tired or hungry. And if they are broken, they do not feel

Do not worry, though. We can always fix our golem friends!

(A watercolor image shows a sturdy stone golem carrying an enormous block
of stone. A smiling human figure, half its height, stands nearby, 
directing it.)

Some kinds of golems are made to protect people. They guard homes and
government offices. Many ancient tombs have golems to keep out bad people
that want steal from graves.

In ancient times there were even golems that fought in battles. With golems
on the front lines, fewer people got hurt.

(A full page watercolor painting of a Quelese battle golem is shown,
looking very much like an armored man with a peculiar helmet, with a green
glowing orb instead of a face or slit. It stands at attention, its claws
extended at its sides. Behind it is an indistinct mass that is intended to
represent rows of other golems lined up behind it.)

Even though golems are not alive and do not have feelings, we should still
treat them with respect. After all, we do not smash our bowls on the floor
when we are done eating! A craftsman worked hard to make it, and we can use
it again.

(Another full-page illustration shows a simple clay golem picking up toys
in a child's room. A little girl and a little boy caper about it,
apparently throwing toys in its path to force it to keep working.)

Just like your toys, you should take care of your golem. Help keep it clean
and shiny. Do not make messes just so it has to clean them up. Do not hit
them or drop things on them. It may not be a person, but it is still a
servant and should not be mistreated. You would not be mean to your nanny
or the doorman, would you?

Golems have been our friends for a long time. They are our special

(The book ends with a painting of a hulking iron golem, patiently carrying
packages for a happy, well-dressed couple and their two children.) 

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