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AABN:  47796
Title: a book titled, "Second Tier Demons"

This book by Gisco the Necromancer details what the author refers to as
"second tier demons". The listing includes entities commonly known as Demon
Lords or Archdemons by other scholars. These creatures are only surpassed
in power by true deities. Most of them are not beneath using their
substantial abilities to masquerade as gods of the High Pantheon, the Demon
Pantheon or even one another. They cannot be summoned, but if called they
may choose to send an astral projection known as an Aspect to deal on their

Ils - called Ils of the Thousand Eyes by his worshippers, this Demon Lord
ruled over a small portion of the material plane milennia ago. He is most
often depicted as a monstrous, demonic beholder with innumerable eye
stalks. When he was defeated, Ils was banished into Chaos, where his
material form was scavenged by the lesser demons there to be fashioned into
items of power. Various artifacts have arisen over the years claiming to be
eyes of Ils.

His small cult of worshippers was dominated by beings with irregular
numbers of eyes, such as cyclopses and beholders.

Magmos - Magmos the Demon King is a powerful fire demon that lords over
substantial holdings in the Demon Realms. He has a long history of
impersonating fire deities such as Shadowfax and Xael to gather followers.
He has even been known to subvert human supremacy cults and circles of
druidic sun worshippers.

Magmos has in his service vast numbers of imps and magma fiends. He also
freely associates with fire elementals. The rare fire-breathing dragon or
fire-wielding warlock has also been known to pay homage to Magmos.

Pyrenius - another fire demon and rival of Magmos, Pyrenius the Demonlord
takes the form of a black humanoid with bat-like wings, glowing yellow eyes
and a mane of white hair. He well known as one of the most lawful of the
second and third tier demons, and thus is more likely to abide by the
spirit of his contracts rather than trying to exploit any but the most
obvious loopholes. His latest abode is on the prime material plane world of
Gaseous Gosades.

Except for an army of mephits, Pyrenius keeps few true demons in his
retinue. He views himself as a deity of "pure" fire, preferring to deal
with elementals of fire, plasma and exotic types of matter.

Umtos - called the Harbinger of Chaos, this demon has transcended his
physical form using shadow magic. He manifests as a sphere of darkness that
annihilates everything it touches. He is rumored to currently reside within
the plane known as Chaos.

The few worshippers of Umtos are generally insane, and many are afflicted
with the chaos sickness.

Asranth - this mighty demonlord is an enormous winged, horned humanoid with
red skin and handsome features. He had few dealings with mortals, prefering
to focus his efforts on elevating his status amongst his fellow demons.

Once lord of a massive domain in the Demon Realms, it is rumored that he
was deposed and exiled to the material plane with the aid of a mighty

Seth - Seth the Serpent God appears as a giant serpent with a human torso
and many arms. He helped orchestrate the incursions from the plane of
elemental darkness during the Great Wars. He was defeated and bound in a
prison of eternal shadow somewhere on that plane.

Seth had substantial cults among mortals, with worshippers ranging from
trogdolytes to elder wyrms. The nagas of the Naginag Combine worship a
seemingly more benign aspect of Seth. (footnote 1)

Magar - Seth's chief rival, Magar the Fallen, apppears in form like a giant
humanoid crocodile. A good-natured rivalry, it is believed that he
cooperated with Seth during the Great Wars. It is said he was defeated by
the Aztec imposter god Tezcatlipoca, a contest that cost the false deity
his left foot.

Though slain, Magar's chief temple remains near the Swamps of Sorrow, where
it is guarded by various foul creatures and undead monsters. It is believed
that Amaran Dax, the Muck Wyrm, may be one of his ill-begotten progeny.

(1) Some scholars have postulated that Seth is in fact a weak First Tier
Demon, or, in other words, a lesser member of the Pantheon of the Demon
Realms. There are several reports of him surviving a direct smite by a
member of the High Pantheon. Other reports indicate that when actually
destroyed, his essence was able to possess a carefully groomed follower and
re-manifest at full strength within a matter of minutes.

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