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AABN:  47975
Title: a book titled "Grains and Cereals"

Wheat is the backbone of bread production across the mainland. From the
homestead plots of Avalon to the vast rolling fields south of Natchsburg,
wheat is the most common grain in the world. It is made into bread,
noodles, pastries and flat cakes of all sorts. It is commonly fermented to
make  a variety of beverages.

Closely related to wheat is rye. This cereal yields a dark flour that is
often cut with wheat for a milder flavor. It is hardier in the cold than
wheat and thus is commonly cultivated in the Dunn Hurr. Rye bread can be
fermented to make a variety of drinks of varying proofs.

Oats are also a common crop in the Dunn Hurr, as well as Avalon and the
Cornian valley. They are most often prepared as a gruel or porridge, as
they do not make a high quality cake.

Flax seed is uncommon as a cereal. It most often seen in areas where it is
raised for the fibers of its stalk, which are processed into linen. The
seeds can be pressed for oil as well, which is used medicinally.

Most cultures consider amaranth a weed. However, its hardy nature makes it
a crop favored by Jali tribes and the inhabitants of Xochitl. Its yield is
not a high as other grains, but it can grow in environments that are
hostile to other crops. It is often prepared as a flat bread or porridge.

Maize, sometimes generically referred to as "corn", is a crop raised
abundantly by the Aztecs and their neighbors. It produces much larger ears
and kernels than other cereals. It is often processed with lime to make a
nourishing gruel known at atolli. Alone, it can be prepared into tortillas.
Mixed with wheat flour, it can be made into a coarsely textured corn bread.

Rice is a common crop along the southern coast. It is favored by the people
of the Kurita Province. It is usually boiled, with heavily spiced food
served on the side or over the top it. It can be prepared into flour, or
fermented into vinegar or rice wine. It may have been imported to the
mainland from Suboria.

Sheum is a variety of sweet rice that is grown on the southeast mainland.
It has been cultivated by murlocks for centuries. It is usually boiled and
eaten with a few flavorful herbs. It can also be made into a strong spiced
wine. A variety of wild sheum grows on Ramanek.

Neas are the crop most commonly cultivated by murlocks. It grows in pods
similar to beans or peas. Green neas are the cultivar closest to its wild
state. They have a bitter flavor. Yellow neas are much more common. They
have a much more mild flavor, often described as "buttery". Blue neas have
a sweet, nutty taste.

Numerous other grains are raised in small batches, such as chia, buckwheat,
sorghum, barley and quinoa. Other plants, such as yams, acorns and bananas,
can be dried and ground into flour. The number of plants that can be used
in such a fashion are beyond count. 

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