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AABN:  48101
Title: Nekairam's journal

To the one who finally finds this journal,

I write this journal to tell all about my friends the griffins.

The griffin is a quadruped with the foreparts of an eagle and the rear,
tail and hindquarters of a lion. Feathers grew upon its head, neck and
chest and the rest of the griffin's body was covered in lion fur. Which was
colored in shades of tawny brown. The wings of griffins are white and their
necks are a mixture of white and blue feathers. The griffin claws were
especially valuable as they are reputed to change color in the presence of
poison, which is why they made useful drinking vessels.  Its nests are made
of gold and their eggs resemble agates.

The griffin is the adversary of serpents and basilisks. I have found there
to be other types of griffins, here are the ones I have also come to find:

The keythong's basic form is like that of a griffin -- the head of a great
eagle upon the body of a lion. Its wings, however, are brilliant white

The snake-griffin has a lion's body, a snake's head and a bird's legs.

The lion-griffin is lion-like but has hind legs shaped like those of a

An opinicus has the powerful, tawny-furred body of a lion, with the head of
a massive golden eagle. It strongly resembles a griffin, though it is not
winged, and its front legs are those of a lion.

Last the hippogryph, living far beyond the seas in the Mountains, is the
result of the rare breeding of a male gryphon and a filly. It has the head,
wings and front legs of a gryphon, and the back and hind legs of ahorse. It
is a large powerful creature that can move through the air more swiftly
than lightning.

Stories tell its used as a mount for some of the knights. In its body, the
griffin is blessed with the speed, flight, and penetrating vision of the
eagle and the strength, courage, and majesty of the lion. In symbolism, the
griffin combines the symbolic qualities of two solar creatures, the lion
and the eagle. It is the king of birds and lord of the air united with the
king of beasts and lord of the land. For this reason the griffin's are used
to guard hidden treasure and keepers of emeralds.

So ends my information about griffins, I was lucky to become friends with
one. It was a good friend to myself and the king. The king built this realm
around it, as thanks for all its help in protecting this city. Till one day
the queen decided, she wanted its feathers for a headdress. She had it
killed and lied to the king. When I told the king of her lie, he called me
an old fool. So I will show them all, I have taken his crown. I will hide
it well, I know of places in this castle others do not. I will trap it, so
only the one with wisdom, courage, wit and a good eye will find it. I hope
the one that finds it will be returning it to a more worthy and wiser king.

I will give one hint, look to the griffins and pay attention to all detail.
I will enchant this book to protect it from aging and then hide it.

Grand Wizard Nekairam

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