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AABN:  48727
Title: a book entitled, 'An Interview with Don Milano'

Governor Milano Gonzales, by Chancellor Argus Bithel 

I had the opportunity to interview Governor Gonzales while he was visiting
the Wallachian Embassy in Ralnoth and learn a little bit amount the
legendary man who introduced Zulian culture to the East, traveled the
world, broke the Aztec Empire and founded his own city-state.

Despite the greatness of his achievements, however, Milano is still human,
and has cravings, foibles and hobbies, just like anyone else.  That the
side of Don Milano Juan-Pedro Gonzales Andorra that I would like to explore
a little bit in this treatise.

Although he conducts his personal affairs in a frugal fashion, Milano does
enjoy fine cuisine, especially the delicacies of his native land of Zulia. 
Wines and liquers made from exotic fruit such as lemons and passion fruit
feature heavily in high-class Zulian cooking, and a man of Milano's stature
has no problem procuring such items.

Milano is a collector of rare and unusual artifacts, be they magical or
purely historical curiosities.  Milano considers himself  to be an amateur
archaeologist.  The "don" has written a number of papers on the subject of
archeology and has an honorary degree from  Ralnoth University for his
contributions toward bringing Quelese and Ramanek history to light. 

Milano belongs to a number of regional organizations.  He is a knight of
the Ostiarium and actively contributes to their cause.  He is  a brown belt
in the Order of Harmony and a Battlemaster of the Tower of Power.  Milano
is a master rank member of the Cartographers'  Guild and supplies the guild
with updated maps of the Aztec Jungle and adjacent lands on a regular
basis.  Milano holds the minor  non-hereditary title of yeoman of the
Kingdom of Avalon, which was awarded to him by King Lancaster for his
exemplary military  service.  He is also a layman of the Cult of Light. 

Milano is a pantheist paladin and devout worshiper of the High Pantheon. 
His favorite deities are Dowart and Islaine. 

In his spare time, Milano enjoys two hobbies.  The first is the pursuit of
scholarly learning.  Milano is an avid reader and can  read several
different languages.  His other passion is kick-boxing.  Nueva Granada
hosts an annual kick-boxing tournament, and it is  a foregone conclusion
that Milano will win every time he competes.

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