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AABN:  48800
Title: a book titled, "The Founding of Yuki Province"

The written history of Yuki Province begins with the Dark Elf War near the
end of the Age of Creation. Dragons already inhabited the high peaks and
the Inner Sea of Suboria. They had a loose association with one another,
and were generally friendly. Given their great lifespans, they kept few
records, as their long memories sufficed.

The earliest humanoid inhabitants of Suboria were drow. They sailed from
Atmir, fleeing conflict with giants and dwarves. With them they brought a
host of trolls, ogres, orcs and wicked fairy servants. Finding most of the
continent inhospitable, they settled in caves and tunnels around the Onsen
River. The dragons were troubled, but they did not come into direct
conflict with them, as the drow lived underground. Instead of exterminating
them in a costly campaign, a wise golden wyrm named Shenlong guided a group
of humans to Suboria. Aided by dragons, the humans prospered. After several
generations, they developed into a new race of men that came to be known as

Wary of the human presence, but without knowledge of their draconic
patronage, the drow readied themselves for war. After a series of nocturnal
raids, they sent forth the bulk of their army to conquer the humans in one
fell stroke. The Suborians were ready. Shenlong had taught them
metallurgical secrets that allowed them to make drow-bane weapons from rose
adamantine, rosewood and rose quartz. Armed with their enchanted red blades
and aided by dragon breath attacks, the men were able to drive back the
invading drow to their underground warrens.

The drow were slaughtered, and they fled into the far western part of the
continent, beyond the lands held by giants. A handful of orcs and ogres
surrendered to the Suborians and were spared. They interbred with native
giants and became the oni.

The grateful Suborians celebrated their victory. Shenlong was declared
Emperor of Suboria, with both men and dragons as his vassals. The eastern
portion of the continent was divided between them, with men founding Yuki
Province within the Onsen River Valley. They adopted a language derived
from Draconic, and a writing system based on the dragon's runic tradition.
Dragons from all across the world swore allegiance to the new Dragon
Emperor, whose line continues on to this day.

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