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AABN:  4963
Title: an Atlantis guidebook

This is your guide to enjoying all the great things that Atlantis has to
offer.  It provides suggestions of places to go, things to see and
practical tips that, if followed, will almost certainly help you avoid
getting in trouble with the city guard or, worse, being murdered for
straying into prohibited areas.
How to get there. Atlantis is located in the Southern Ocean almost due
south of the town of Southport(coordinates X: -152, Y: -704).  It can be
reached either by bone dragon or by sailing south 26, west 43 and south 3
from the Umi Minami Seaport in the city of Daigaku-Tatami.
See the sights. Atlantis has some stunning, must-see, attractions including
the royal palace in the north, the world famous library in the east and, of
course, the temples, of which the most astonishing is the temple dedicated
to Poseidon located atop the acropolis at the very centre of the city. Tip:
The palace whilst beautiful to admire from afar, is strictly off limits and
attempting to enter it will almost certainly get you killed.
Absorb yourself in the culture. Atlantis is a city of astonishing beauty
and the citizens love nothing more than appreciating in art and culture.
Why not visit the arts district in the south east of the city where you
will be able to admire the great paintings and sculpture in the art
gallery, enjoy a musical performance or a play at the royal theatre or
browse the many exhibits in the museum of antiquities. You can see evidence
of the Atlantian love for beauty and art all around though in the
architecture of the buildings and the many statues, including the
impressive 10 kings of Atlantis which are spread all through the city.
Mingle with the people. Atlantis is a friendly and social place and the
heart of this is the agora which can be found, high up on the acropolis at
the centre of the city.  Every day, citizens gather to discuss issues of
importance and pass on knowledge to their fellow Atlantians.  The agora
also has a number of excellent places to relax and enjoy a drink or sample
the local cuisine including the exquisite, if a little pricey,
establishment, Ambrosios' House of Nourishment and Sustenance. Tip: The
agora also has some useful amenities including the public baths and the
Atlantis courier and messenger service, handy for sending that postcard
back home. (Note there is only one international delivery each day and it
leaves prompt at 6pm.).
Shop till you drop. In addition to a wide range of shops on Market Street,
every day between eight and four a vibrant and bustling market takes place
around the grand fountain on the northwest side of the city. If you have a
desire to purchase a yard of silk, a fine pair of sandals, a candle or
something a little spicier then you will find what you are looking for
there.   Tip: If you are choosing to self-cater for your visit, then you
will also find shops providing basic provisions on Market Street as well.
Expand your mind: The Atlantians have a thirst for knowledge and
understanding, and you too can seek to further your education at the
academy in the northeast quadrant of the city, or at the grand library to
the east. Or simply browse the book shop on Athena Street or mix with the
great thinkers and philosophers that wander around that part of the city.
Go in peace: If it is enjoying one of the things listed above, or visiting
the many guilds in the southwest corner of town, or simply standing at the
dome and admiring the underwater life that goes on beyond it, then you will
find Atlantis a clean, thanks to the office of sanitation and the extensive
subterranean sewer network, happy, polite and welcoming place and be able
to take away many fantastic memories of your visit.  Tip: The people of
Atlantis are very devout and lawful and it is unwise to cross them or
breach the laws otherwise you will be likely to find yourself being hunted
by the ruthless city guard.

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