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AABN:  50802
Title: the book of legends, the dragon elves

Many, many centuries ago there was a village of elves. It was a time of war
and most of the male elves were off fighting. Well legends say that a group
of dragons happen upon the village and decided to have a little fun. They
transformed themselves into the elven women's mates. They drank, celebrated
and finally mated with the elven women. Early the next morning the dragons
all snuck out of the village. Some time later, all the elven women found they
were with child. When the first child was born, they were all shocked at what
they saw. Before them laid a very strange looking creature. It had the normal
facial features of an elf, including the ageless look and pointed ears. But
these are the only traits that it shared with the elven race. For its skin
was a vibrant blue and covered in scales. Wisps of hair that was an even
darker shade of blue stuck from the top of its head. Nestled in this hair
were two little nubs that would later turn out to be horns. It even had a
little tail. Birth after birth, produced even more of these strange
creatures. Not all were the same, many varied in color and in other small
ways. These women and their offspring's were shunned by their own race and
forced to leave the village. So the women grouped together and went on their
way. They suddenly found themselves lost in the woods and happen upon a
statue surrounded by woodland creatures. This turned out to be the Madonna
and they knelt before it and began to pray. Out of nowhere appeared the
legendary Wyvren. She listened to their story and then took them all up into
her arms. When she put them down, they found they were in a large chasm. It
looked as if the top of the mountain had been blown off, leaving a large
chasm in the center. They explored the area finding many caves and in time a
temple. This temple turned out to be one of many dedicated to the legendary
god, Wyvren. They also found they had a never ending supply of water that
came from a pit in the center of the chasm. Before Wyvren left she planted a
magical seed in one of the upper areas of the mountain. In which in time grew
a massive tree that provided a never ending food supply. So began their new
life, in a new place and following the teachings of a new god. They learned
many new things, like mining, the art of scaling, the way of a ranger and the
path of a warrior. Years later Wyvren brought several wyverns to the tree and
they have been there ever since.
So began the legend of the dragon elves.

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