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AABN:  50881
Title: the book of legends, the Frost dwarves, the Snowhammer Clan

Most dwarven legends trace the earliest settlements of the frost dwarves
back tens of thousands of years to the great mountain range known as the
Ash Mountains. From a distance, frost dwarves look like any other normal
dwarf, but upon closer examination you are able to see that their skin is
a noticeable light blue color, almost like ice. These dwarves have
adapted to the harsh cold of the Ash Mountains and prefer not to travel
far from their homes. Dwarves are ever exploring new territory below the
surface world  this is no different with the frost dwarves. They have
long mastered the skills of metalworking, mining, toolmaking, and
weaponcrafting, enabling them to exploit the riches of their homes in the
mountains and craft items to allow further exploration. These dwarves
mine various types of metals and gems, but their primary mining is of
frostshard and snowsilver.

Frostshard ore is an ice like ore used to make weapons and some armor.
The ore is mined from the coldest parts of the world and is pretty much
ice that doesn't melt. Any metallic item can be made out of Frostshard
Ore, and such items are like ice but as strong as steel. The weapons and
armor shine a brilliant light blue color.

Snowsilver like the frostshard is an extremely rare substance only found
in the deepest, coldest mines. Its like alchemic silver in most ways,
except it is cold to the touch and has a glowing aspect about it, almost
as if it was made from ice. Items made from snowsilver will draw in the
coldness, absorbing it and turning it into a form of protection against
the breath of a dragon. Making it a primary favorite for weapons and
armor of dragon Hunters in colder lands.

On the day a frost dwarf becomes a man, he has to prove himself by
fighting his way down to an old and ancient shrine, overcoming many
dangers on the way. These are usually great monsters and physical hazards
that the dwarves overcome by strength, combat, and physical skill, rather
than by wit or trickery. 

The frost dwarves are friendly and peace loving and although they have
differences with their dwarven brethren, they still welcome any other
dwarves within their settlements. 

The Snowhammer clan is such a group of frost dwarves and can be found
somewhere in the Ash Mountains. These dwarves have developed a special
bond with the Snowborn Elves that live in the village of Silverwind. 

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