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AABN:  57108
Title: Kenai and Dentin, the Comprehensive Guide

Leafing through the many chapters of boring exposition and philosophical
rambling, the book easily falls open to a section of chapter 22, as
though it had lain open for a decade to this page.  This chapter gives a
first hand account of the rescue of Dentin in the year 508 from a prison
created by Kenai on an outer planar world:

"Dentin slowly coalesed from the ball of light near the center of the
tower, smiled, and uttered only a few short words:

    It is good that you came. I would have been sad, but I would
    have let the world die had no-one cared. Return home now and
    let the priests know what you have done. I will take care of
    this realm myself."

You can see why the book is open to this page - it's perhaps the most
interesting section of the entire document.

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