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AABN:  57174
Title: Third Tier Demons

This book, written by the necromancer Vantamus, appears to be an overview
of some of the major players amongst what are called "third tier demons" in
the demon realm.  There is a short chapter for each, with only a few larger
ones standing out to you:

Verreshe is an agent of chaos, typically manifesting as a pillar of
darkness in which is a barely recognizable humanoid form.  She is extremely
dangerous and known for taking advantage of any and every possible loophole
in negotiated contracts, and will never respond to any attempted summoning
using a standard ironclad contract. When interacting with the human world,
she often takes the course to cause maximum chaos.  If she is cooperating
with you, it is almost certainly to this end.

Ornias is an agent of destruction, and for a third tier demon is not
particularly intelligent.  Ironically, this agent of destruction is one of
the least dangerous to the summoner:  Ornias enjoys having things to
destroy, and can typically be pointed in a given direction  released upon
on enemies.

Barbatorem is a demon of torture, capable of grotesque manipulation of the
body and soul, even to the extent of taking a single creature and splitting
it in two, creating two lesser beings with partial  souls and partial
memories.  In the bad old days, he was sometimes  used as an assassin, able
to bypass wards and nearly all defenses easily.  He often appears as a long
pair of shears and his image can step out of the blade.  He can possess
summoners which look directly at him, and will not accept any contract
which disallows this.  Sane people never attempt to call this demon.

Ixillia is physically tall and humanoid, without gross disfiguration as is
common with other demons.  He is extremely intelligent, with  substantial
knowledge of ancient devices and technology.  He is also well versed in
theoretical and practical knowledge of planes and gates between them.

Suul'nar is a demon of fire, sometimes called upon to commit acts of arson.
He is known to be very ambitious, having amassed a following of lesser imps
that obey his commands. He is fond of possessing reckless summoners and
using his charismatic nature to start cults of fire-worhshipping doomsday
fanatics, inevitably leading them to commit mass suicide. Some legends
speak of his essence being bound to a knife or dagger, and whoever keeps it
slowly falls under Suul'nar's influence.

Razna is one of the least of the known Demon Lords. His domain is slaughter
and bloodshed. He resembles a lean ogre with skin as black as coal and
glowing yellow eyes. Cultists often attempt to summon him to slay their
enemies, but just as often end up slaughtered.

There are a several more chapters, covering Chilixum and Chilixub, the
Pierced One, Maelmon, Mnemnoth, Anichith, Carahade, and a few other more
common names. 

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