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AABN:  61071
Title: a roll of parchment

The parchment is of an extra fine quality that appears nearly transparent
and bends easily to your touch. Inscribed with silver script and what at
first appear to be fanciful decorations, are clearly the arcane symbols of

The silver script reads..

Thou shalt recite the sacred parchment upon the grouped, who not being
yourself is the intended recipient of the sacred prayer, not the ground who
cannot benefit from the prayer, nor an object which not being a group
member may not receive the prayer, thou shalt recite the text once for the
holy effects to be felt, though shall not recite the holy scroll twice for
once is enough and sufficient, for twice would be more than enough and
wasteful, thou shall not be wasteful with the scroll for it should only be
recited in the coming times before death, thou shall not recite the sacred
text after death, for after death would be too late, thou shall recite the
sacred text before death, being on a group member and the intended
recipient, and not an object sacred or otherwise, nor the ground for which
there is no use for the prayer, nor on yourself for which the prayer is not
intended.. we pray now for the soul of the recipient that they may be
delivered from death and into their recall of safety, we ask this of the
pantheon and by performing the sacred rites of litany and recitation,
invocating the incantation of preparation and supplication.. 

It appears the text of the rolled parchment finishes because it ran out of

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