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AABN:  63146
Title: a book entitled, 'Princess Sophronia and the God of Thunder, part 2'


To Sophronia's delight, the wind picked up, as if a storm were on its way. 
The wind's strength steadily increased, bringing it to the point of nearly
knocking Sophronia off her feet.  The nearest trees were stripped of their
dead leaves as their branches bent and buckled in the wind.  She held fast
to a tree's trunk, waiting for the rain that never came.  What came instead
were such powerful gusts that they threatened to blow Sophronia away.

'Oh no!' she exclaimed as tree branches began to not only bend but break
off.  This was definitely not was she had in mind.  Not only wasn't there
any rain, the wind she conjured with the wand was destroying the orchard! 
Sophronia clutched her amulet and wished for someone to help her.

A plume of purple smoke spewed from the amulet, and a silhouette appeared
within the smoke.

'Thank you for answering my summons, princess,'  Sophronia said as politely
as possible, in spite of being tossed in the wind.  The smoke was quickly
swept away, revealing the very masculine body of a man clad in armor and
cape.  His head was covered with a winged helm, and he held a warhammer in
his right hand.  He swung his left hand around, and wind in the immediate
area died down, but the gales raged on around them a short distance away.

'That's funny,' Sophronia remarked, tapping her amulet.  'Usually my amulet
summons princesses.'

'Today thou hast called a prince, young one,' the man proclaimed in a
booming tenor.

'Forgive me, sir, but I'm afraid I don't know who you are,' Sophronia
declared.  She performed a deep curtsey and said, 'I am Princess Sophronia.
 Pleased to meet you.'

'I am Thor, god of thunder,' replied Thor, offering a short bow, 'although
'Prince of Asgaard' is among my many titles.'

'Thunder?  Does that mean you can control the weather?'

'Aye, I can call storms and dismiss them as I will.'

'If it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you mind dismissing this
windstorm?' Sophronia asked, pointing upward toward the sky.

'It is within my power to do so,' Thor replied.  He then paused, stroking
his chin thoughtfully. 'However, I sense that is not my purpose here.'

'You're right,' Sophronia acknowledged. 'Usually, any princess I summon
offers me advice on how to solve whatever problem I'm having.'

Thor spread his arms, letting the some of the wind whip around him and
asked, 'Is this your doing, Princess Sophronia?'

'There isn't any fruit in the kingdom because of the drought.  I borrowed a
control weather wand from the royal sorcerer to try and make a rainstorm,
but it made this windstorm instead!' she shouted.

Thor once again calmed the winds enough between him and Sophronia so they
wouldn't have to shout to hear one another.  'And this sorcerer, could he
not cast a control weather spell himself?'

'He can, but he didn't want to.'

'Hmm.  I see.  I was once in a similar situation, many millenia ago, while
I was yet a lad.'

'What happened?'

Thor rubbed the head of his hammer and continued, 'When I was first
entrusted with Mjolnir by my father, I found controlling its power to be
difficult.  While practicing with it, I conjured a mighty storm that grew
out of my control and destroyed the royal garden.  My father blamed my
brother, Loki, and I failed to correct him.  I knew it was wrong to allow
Loki to suffer punishment for the garden's destruction.  If I had not been
too proud to admit my fault, I could have avoided centuries of shame and

'Did you ever make up with your brother?'

'Nay.  I eventually reconciled with my father, but my brother never forgave
me.'  The prince of thunder kneeled and placed a hand on the princess'
shoulder.  'Do not make the same mistake, my young friend.'

'I think I understand, Prince Thor.  Thank you for sharing that story with

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