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AABN:  63821
Title: a book titled, "The Khadonian tribe"

The Khadonian tribe is one of the ancient tribes who roamed the Great
Desert. They're known for their bravery, advanced fighting techniques and
their unnatural strength. Being able to wield a weapon and properly using
it before reaching the age of ten was a sacred rule for the Khadonians. The
leader of this ancient tribe was Narjin and his father before him.

Narjin died in one of the battles with a large group of bandits during the
great journey to the Ash Mountains, leaving his only son behind. Erathaun
took care of Brock who was two years old at the time, along with his son
Kerim who was sixteen. Erathaun and his son Kerim groomed Brock to be a
great warrior, just like his father. Having his father's blood running in
his veins, Brock grasped everything they taught him firmly and at the age
of ten he became the best fighter at his age. At that time and his last 
dying breaths, Erathaun gave Brock  The Khadonians ancestral weapon.
Darkshredder the spear of justice which been wielded only by the
Khadonians, generation after generation.

After the death of Erathaun, the bondage between Brock and Kerim become
stronger and stronger. They looked after one another, fought side by side
and took it on their shoulders to provide safety and find a home to their
people, along with Gorthic, son of Grothnog who was older than Kerim by a
few years.  Brock became loyal to Kerim during and after the journey,
during  and after building the city. He remained at King Kerim's side till
he gave his life, protecting him from their very adviser.

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