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AABN:  66129
Title: a book titled 'The Alterbet'

The Alterbet
By Shryth

- A is for alter, the game we prefer.
- B is for Bovine, where quarrels occur.
- C is for clerics, who heal and protect.
- D is for Dentin, as you would expect.
- E is for elements that mages control.
- F is for freakies that are on a roll.
- G is for Gandor and gold that we need.
- H is for help files that nobody reads.
- I is intelligence, but it's also ice.
- J is for jabbing, which I guess is nice.
- K is for knock that you don't need to learn.
- L is for lance, to kill dragons that burn.
- M is for Morpheus, who builds many things.
- N is for nightmares that Morpheus brings.
- O is for oldstyle, which some people hoard.
- P is for potions we brew when we're bored.
- Q is for quit, which you type to log out.
- R is for Ralnoth, which it's all about.
- S is for soulsteal, which all necros do.
- T is for Thantos who'll do it to you.
- U is Unholy, where you need to pray.
- V, that is valor so you don't run away.
- W is waypoints, of which there's a ton.
- X is for xp you get when you run.
- Y is for yetis that lurk in the night.
- Z is for zerking that helps when you fight.

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