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AABN:  68181
Title: an old yellowed parchment

This is a very old and yellowed parchment.

Scribed upon it are the words:

Lifestones are receptacles that contain part of the life force or life
essence and none of the soul of a person. Unlike Soulstones that are
receptacles for the energies that bind souls to living beings and where the
energy is harvested and utilized in many ways, a lifestone itself is the
power and can not be harvested. However, a lifestone if kept close to the
skin can slow aging, allow one to heal faster and protect the user from
most forms of disease.

Rumors say that there have been some very special cases where the
lifestones were released to form constellations of stars or placed in
magical constructs to bring them life, but both these cases are extremely
rare and require knowledge long forgotten by most.

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