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AABN:  68182
Title: a book entitled, 'The Lost Treasures of the Titans'

Stories tell of a fabled blade from back before the Great Wars that was
wielded by one of the legendary titans. This weapon was known as "the Blade
of Demonic Fury". It was not forged in the manner as are common swords, but
used necromantic processes involving various ores, the blood of the
innocent and the blood from any demons that failed the titans.

The blade was so sharp it could easily part most any armor or slice through
the toughest of hides. All that met the blade's fury, no matter if it was
dwarf, elf or even a dragon fell quickly before its might.

When the titans were finally exiled to the Nightmare Plane near the end of
the Age of Chaos, rumors say that they took the blade with them. Further
legends tell how they captured several holy artifacts of great power and
carried them into exile.

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