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AABN:  68184
Title: a journal on my visit to the city of Airam

While I was exploring the Ramanek continent I happen upon the city of

Upon entering the peaceful city of Airam, I was amazed by its beauty.
Looking at its citizens, I notice a glint of hope in their eyes. As I moved
along, I heard stories about a fearsome beast. Many told me to speak to the
king's advisor.

Before the castle off to the west was a large domed building, I decided to
head in that direction first. I found in this building was the alchemist
Balk, cousin of the great Salk of Ralnoth. He had a large supply of various
brew items.

Heading back towards the castle, I encountered the royal Airam guards
standing before the gates of the castle. The guards looked me over as I
pass through the gates. Entering the magnificent castle, I was amazed at
the craftsmanship. Upon entering the large throne room, I noticed 4 royal
and elegant thrones. In the first, was an old and disfigured man. In the
next were a regal, yet powerful looking man, then I notice he had no legs.
In the next was a very beautiful woman. The last was empty.

Deciding to talk to the old man first, I came to find out he was disfigured
by the fearsome Zal'Shira. I got the feeling he was a strong and powerful
mage at one time. He also went on to tell me that the dragon was the one
that maimed the king. He suggested I speak to the queen.

I turned to the queen, she told me the story of how Zal'Shira the dragon,
has taken a daughter of each king for over a hundred years. Every new king,
the dragon has sent one of its minions to retrieve his prize. She also
tells of how the king & his advisor tried, to put a stop to the dragon. The
king losing his legs and the advisor becoming disfigured. The dragon had
left both for dead.

Lastly, I spoke to the king, he asked if I was skilled enough to rescue
their daughter and to put an end to the dragon?

I had to be honest and tell him I was a simple map maker and not a skilled
warrior, but I would record this story and pass it on to others, in hopes
that a much braver warrior than myself could help them.

With that I bid them farewell and went on my way.

Alderius the map maker of Ralnoth

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