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AABN:  69672
Title: A book titled, 'The History of the Fae Kingdom'

In the beginning, this land was inhabited by primitive, savage beasts who
roamed the forests and hills in packs. In time, monsters even more savage
than they discovered the land and sought to make it their own. Thus did a
brutal war break out, and the invaders soon gained the upper hand and the
defenders were dying in droves.

So it was that our then Queen Aria came to the rescue. She spoke with the
leader of the struggling tribe, and formed a pact of defense and
prosperity. And the fairies went to war with the invading giants, who were
quickly overwhelmed. The giants were banished from the land, and Queen
Aria, assisted by many of her more powerful subjects, transformed the land
and protected it from future harm.

The primitives, who had sealed their fate with that of the fairies, began
attempting to restore their tribe to the numbers it had once held, but it
was clear their ability to defend themselves and influence others had been
greatly weakened. Meanwhile the fairies had discovered the immense
potential of the land, and had called to many of their relatives to share
in the prosperity. The power and influence of the fae rapidly grew, and the
land, now attuned to their power, adapted itself to meet their needs. And
that is how the mighty kingdom of the fae came to be. 

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