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AABN:  69674
Title: A book titled, 'The history of the cliff gnomes'

The cliff gnomes, or rather the gnomes, for they were not always cliff
dwellers, were one of the early arrivals to the fae kingdom. The gnomes
were possessed with a love of mining, and were blessed with physical traits
which made them proficient at the task.

The gnomes had the unfortunate habit of utilizing their small size to sneak
into other communities to steal food and herbs. When she saw this, the
Queen challenged them to descend into the ravine and mine as many useful
minerals as they could during a span of five centuries, after which time
she would grant them everything they desired. They eagerly signed this
deal, failing to notice the wording of the contract, which spoke nothing of
returning to the towns and forests between mining expeditions. And so it
was that the gnomes dug themselves a cave within the cliff of a ravine,
where they have since dwelt, and became the cliff gnomes we know today. 

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