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AABN:  69675
Title: a book titled, 'The History of the Satyrs and Nymphs'

The satyrs originally lived in a far off mountain, with nymphs inhabiting
the mountain streams, lakes, forests and glades. As the gods began to take
less direct action in their world, they sought a home nearer to other
beings with whom they could commune, which led them to the fae kingdom.

Though the satyrs found the grassy hills to their liking, and the naiads
found plentiful fresh water nearby, the dryads were unsatisfied and
preferred to settle in the forest of Brom, where the trees were thicker and
they felt more at home. Being separated from their aquatic cousins, the
dryads struggled to integrate and assert their presence to the same degree,
and are to this day only a minor power in the land. Meanwhile the hill
enjoys bustling business and entertainment, despite being one of the more
recent subjects of the kingdom.

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