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AABN:  9584
Title: a small journal

There are many, many detailed and painstakingly kept entries.  The earlier
ones seem to be from years ago, and are mainly just excerpts and notes about
stories. The more recent ones, from the last two years, describe a valley,
and there are many many drawings of heiroglyphics and strange writings.
Going farther through the book, a translation seems to have been worked out,
though the author seems confused on more than one passage.  At the very end
of the book the tone becomes worried, and a trace of fear creeps into the
most recent writings.  There are drawings of the landscape south of town, and
geometric patterns laid down on top of them. Heavy calculations of a type you
have never seen before are scrawled on the following pages, and another
drawing that looks to have been copied from a present day map shows a large 
red X written just east of the toll bridge over the Green River.

After that, the entries are hastily scribbled, and not well kept.  All you
can gather is that the owner traveled here after reaching the toll bridge,
and he traveled here with all possible haste.

You put the book down with a distant feeling of doom hanging over your head.

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