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Name: alessandra Proper name: Alessandra Ground string: Alessandra is here. Title: I like doughnuts Created: Sat Dec 10 18:06:49 2016 Description ----------------------------------------------------- A girl of no older than seventeen stands here. Her red hair falls in a curtain around her shoulders and halfway down her bac, with eyes the color of the sky. She stands just over five feet tall and is slight and delicate. Her pale skin is smooth and unblemished. She stands with her posture stiff and her countenance rigid while the look of pure agony on her face and the silent scream in her eyes capture her innocence as it was ripped away from her in an instant. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 103 Cler: 103 Thie: 103 Warr: 103 Necr: 103 Drui: 103 Total levels in all classes: 618

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