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Name: chance Proper name: Chance Ground string: Chance is here. Title: Turn on the Lotto channel to win some gold! Created: Sun Mar 31 13:07:41 2019 Description ----------------------------------------------------- A striking fellow dressed in a vibrant yellow stands around with his hands in his pockets, muttering something about lottery and the chances of winning. As he moves around, there is a cheerful jingle, a clear indication that his pockets are full of gold. Chance tells you, Hello my good fellow, please turn on the Lotto channel and win some gold! Chance tells you, Hello my good fellow, please turn on the Lotto channel and win some gold! ----------------------------------------------------------------- History --------------------------------------------------------- [lotto] Chance: ready now? [lotto] Nessie: yes [lotto] Chance: here we go! [lotto] Lokar: oh I didnt do that to get more chances to win, I'm pretty sure I lost, I just wanted to push it up another 1mil rofl [lotto] Ciella: help [lotto] Nessie: hahaha [lotto] Chance: drum roll! [lotto] Chance: Ciella just entered with 1 chances to win this week's drawing! The grand total is now 12615740! [lotto] Chance: the winner for this week's lotto of 12615740 gold is... [lotto] Chance: I always forgt the stupid command [lotto] Chance: Gresko just won this week's jackpot of 12615740 gold! Congratulations Gresko! Come and find me and say payout! [lotto] Chance: Unlucky the rest of you, better luck next time! [lotto] Deng: yep [lotto] Kliro: rofl [lotto] Lokar: bam grats gresko [lotto] Nessie: rofl rofl [lotto] Ivey: roflroflrofl [lotto] Leos: borrooooorrring [lotto] Red: woh woh woh! [lotto] Shryth: hahahaha [lotto] Rhorae: rofl how much did he put in? [lotto] Red: hahahahaha [lotto] Malificent: have fun with your future lottos ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 1 Cler: 14 Thie: 14 Warr: 12 Necr: 0 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 41 Time of last save: Sun May 24 14:30:00 2020

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