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Name: dracula Proper name: Dracula Ground string: Dracula is here. Title: I love you WaterNimph! Created: Wed Oct 12 12:33:51 2011 Description ----------------------------------------------------- Dracula is of average height and of light build, with light grey eyes. His light red hair is short. His skin is dark, and you guess him to be fairly young, perhaps around 21 years old. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Homepage URL: Level Mage: 22 Cler: 16 Thie: 11 Warr: 27 Necr: 32 Drui: 6 Microlevel Mage: 0 Cler: 0 Thie: 0 Warr: 0 Necr: 2 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 114 Fame: 172 Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 25 Restored the legendary dwarven bracelet. 29 Defeated the Master of the West Wind in mortal combat! 29 Defeated the Master of the North Wind in mortal combat! 30 Defeated the Master of the East Wind in mortal combat! 26 Slew the monsters Scylla and Charybdis. 28 Conquered the forest primeval 33 Was shamefully disqualified to compete in the Tower of Power. 35 Doomed the great auks to extinction. 33 Marked with ill-favor by sea for slaying an albatross. 29 Passed the test of the Shadows. 29 Passed the test of the Body. 18 Completely destroyed a dark brown drake. 18 Disposed of Anekam the drake keeper. 20 Maliciously killed the hero of Seaside. 11 Stop the reproduction of the brooms. 18 Completely destroyed a large azure blue drake. 18 Completely destroyed a black scaled drake. 18 Completely destroyed an emerald green drake. 18 Completely destroyed a silvery gray drake. 18 Completely destroyed a large yellow drake. 18 Completely destroyed a giant fiery red drake. 30 Murdered the grey elves responsible for imprisoning Plippo Stickyfingers 28 Victorious over the bloodied champion of the Jo'Kerin arena 8 Dispelled a chicken and found a mage. 35 Eliminated the dark scion of dragonkin, Uppsala Tal. 38 Eliminated the undead abomination, Tin'Sak Tal. 33 Earned the rank of 'Flame Apprentice' in the Fire Towers' guild 32 Earned the rank of 'Burning Hand' in the Fire Towers' guild 32 Earned the rank of 'Candle' in the Fire Towers' guild 34 Defeated the Mist Dragon of Avalon. 30 Defeated the Mountain King and obtained Peacekeeper, sword of order 23 Tracked down and returned the stolen crate of repair parts to Dordak. 23 Defeated the helpless coma patient in mortal combat. 21 Purged the world of Nafien's taint. 24 Thrashed Pantrell and gave his tome of secrets to Deeamos. 19 Slew Locos, the terror under the well 14 Climbed the beanstalk, and retrieved a golden egg. 14 Exterminated the master tonberry saving the moogle village. 5 Freed the old wizard from his glass prison! 5 Found Indiana Jones' Legacy 8 Became a hero by making a child smile! 4 Found the needle in the haystack! 4 Returned a lost memento to an old man. 5 Put down the deadly white wolf. 3 Translate the strange paper from Uffspigot Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 30 Brought a retired hunter one last trophy 31 Cured Zarians writer's block and was rewarded. 25 Delivered a bundle of herbs and spices to the monks in the Monastery of Dreams. 12 Slew Roch'tar, master of the catacombs 11 Killed the yellow broom. 11 Killed the red broom. 11 Killed the blue broom. 23 Helped to repair Captain Uro's merchant ship. 29 Slew the witch and set the animated objects free 9 Reported to Mayor Widgetbottom in Gnomian. 8 Culled the spider infestation in the old Indira forest. 23 Is the new hobgoblin champion. 23 Halted the attempt of the necromancer Darsakius from opening a rift to the demon world. 25 Discovered the hospitals namesake and put an end to his diabolical plan. 22 Bested the Norse gods and took their most prized possessions. 22 Bested the flying Valkyrie and took her most prize possession. 22 Bested Odin and took his prize possession. 22 Bested Thor and took his prize possession. 13 Found new questions to the mystery of what happened to New Thalos. 15 Completed a few tasks given by the ranger in Naphtali. 14 Brought a farmer's daughter home to rest. 7 Vanquished the rat king and put an end to its machinations. 14 Hewed the head from the orc chieftain as a warning to the rest of his kind. 5 Exposed the cult of Kenai near Vemarken 3 Made it to Pellam and broke the blockade 3 Freed the graveyard from the Vampiress 1 Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 14 Helped to save the environment from an over abundance of turkeys in 2017! 36 Drove away a frost devil to keep the innocent safe on Christmas 2016! 21 Helped to turn the haunters into the haunted on Halloween 2013! 26 Participated in the Great Turkey Massacre of 2012. Time of last save: Fri Dec 15 06:00:00 2017

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