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Name: jezrien Proper name: Jezrien Ground string: Jezrien is here. Title: is a quarantined threat Created: Fri Dec 30 13:54:02 2016 Description ----------------------------------------------------- A powerful, Radiant light is concentrated into an iridescent column to form the shape of a man. The figure wears blue and white clothing. His eyes are pale blue, and he has a short, neatly-trimmed black beard. His black hair comes down to his shoulders, curling slightly. His appearance is that of a middle aged man, however his eyes show hints of deep knowledge and wisdom. Even crownless, there is a regal bearing to this figure. Everytime the man moves, a glowing white afterimage trails behind him, like a second shadow only much, much more indistinct and vague. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 103 Cler: 103 Thie: 103 Warr: 103 Necr: 103 Drui: 103 Total levels in all classes: 618

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