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Name: ladislaus Proper name: Ladislaus Ground string: The villainous dark fog known as Ladislaus coalesces in front of you. Title: Always need <-AC-> Created: Wed Dec 23 14:23:46 2009 Description ----------------------------------------------------- The archmage Ladislaus tries to quickly pass you by. As your eyes follow him, attempting to discern anything of value from this most powerful wizard, he stares back. In his eyes you see chaos, war, death, and all things unholy. A sudden fear comes over you as a premonition of your own death and the destruction of this world accosts you. As fear consumes your thoughts, you quickly try to banish the images. The shadowy magus is now fading from view but somehow you know of the smirk plastered across his face. Suddenly you try to recall what you had seen but the memory is gone, a magical force blocking you from accessing it. If only you could remember some details! Maybe then you could stop this impending apocalypse. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 37 Cler: 32 Thie: 14 Warr: 26 Necr: 22 Drui: 9 Microlevel Mage: 9 Cler: 0 Thie: 7 Warr: 0 Necr: 0 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 140 Fame: 588 Clan: assassins' conclave Rank: first rank member Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 36 Evicted the Hydragon from its watery domain, permanently! 40 Saved the world from extinction by defeating Jansan, the Titan of Annihilation. 40 Relieved the world by defeating Mosabomy, the Titan of Disaster. 40 Redeemed the world by defeating Apreld, the Titan of Hellfire. 40 Calmed the world by defeating Febrho, the Titan of Storms. 40 Thawed the world by defeating Marwil, the Titan of Ice Fury. 40 Purified the world by defeating Septam, the Titan of Curses. 40 Healed the world by defeating Juljon, the Titan of Blood. 40 Brightened the world by defeating Maylok, the Titan of Shadows. 40 Brought peace to the world by defeating Octama, the Titan of War. 40 Soothed the world by defeating Augsmi, the Titan of Pain. 40 Brought order to the world by defeating Junlog, the Titan of Chaos. 40 Quieted the never ending babbling of a mad wizard. 25 Assassinated the alchemist on behalf of the shadowy demon. 40 Revived the world by defeating Deccol, the Titan of Death. 40 Cured the world by defeating Novnee, the Titan of Plagues. 40 Brought chief magistrate Kosokov's killer to justice 39 Recovered a missing heirloom for a wealthy Atlantian 29 Survived and won a battle with Atlantian Elite Royal Guards 26 Slew the monsters Scylla and Charybdis. 34 Defeated the Mist Dragon of Avalon. 35 Put down the ghost of the dreaded ice drake, T'yarnefess na-Draj 35 Defeated the Mandrill Shaman in combat 30 Retrieved Jesric's spellbook from the outer planar ice world 32 Earned the rank of 'Candle' in the Fire Towers' guild 34 Doomed the dodos to extinction. 27 Tangled with an ancient tangletree and survived! 36 Cleansed the White Tower 33 Destroyed the Gorgon, Medusa the Disgraced. 29 Saved the city of Koralia's Heart from certain doom. 39 Reassembled the shield of elemental water. 31 Defeated the Master of the South Wind in mortal combat! 25 Exterminated the queen spider ensuring that their species will surely die. 19 Completely destroyed a giant fiery red drake. 19 Disposed of Anekam the drake keeper. 31 Murdered a small boy on behalf of the assassin Roran. 26 Found and returned the svirfneblin king's lost club. 21 Maliciously killed the hero of Seaside. 30 Defeated the Master of the West Wind in mortal combat! 34 Cursed the world by unlocking the Dark God's prison. 35 Exorcised the demon of lust from the world! 30 Defeated the Master of the North Wind in mortal combat! 30 Defeated the Master of the East Wind in mortal combat! 35 Murdered a kidnapped elf princess, because she deserved it. 36 Slew Voss'Darzi the white wyrm, liberating the Shii'lok mountains. 38 Rescued the wizard Khaile 37 Saved the world from Herbanth the Rampant. 30 Defeated the Mountain King and obtained Peacekeeper, sword of order 35 Stopped the Ejja, for now. 34 Slew the under krakken. 30 Passed the test of the Shadows. 30 Passed the test of the Mind. 30 Passed the test of the Soul. 38 Defeated Khir Ablishak in her icy lair 38 has killed the giant deathstalker. 38 has killed the jade spider. 38 has killed the iron maiden. 36 Has been cursed by the Time Dragon, and is hopelessly doomed. 34 Found right side of tablet. 28 Regained the armor of a lost and forgotten warrior. 37 has killed the ethereal dragon. 36 Slaughtered the barracuda saving the draconian food supply! 30 Passed the test of the Body. 33 Killed Tarrant, forfeiting any chance of doing his quest. 33 Slew the brown krakken. 35 Faced the hawkman champion in a no magic battle and was victorious. 38 Cleared the Dark Moon Forest of the evil presence. 32 Cruelly hunted down and defeated one of the mythical Horta. 33 Found an ancient stone tablet and returned it to a scholar in Gad's Landing. 37 Slew the Deep Dragon 36 Exorcised the demon of gluttony from the world! 36 Translated Dante's journal, and uncovered his horrific plot 28 Assaulted the elderly. 32 Slew the sickly kobold prince in cold blood 38 Eliminated the undead abomination, Tin'Sak Tal. 35 Eliminated the dark scion of dragonkin, Uppsala Tal. 34 Helped keep everyone fed at the Drunken Dragon Inn 22 Purged the world of Nafien's taint. 24 Thrashed Pantrell and gave his tome of secrets to Deeamos. 23 Accepted quest to free the musicians. 16 Climbed the beanstalk, and retrieved a golden egg. 24 Defeated the helpless coma patient in mortal combat. 29 Defeated Vesden the Conquerer restoring peace to the city of Linholt. 20 Slew Locos, the terror under the well 10 Harvested some honeycomb for the local bakery. 8 Dispelled a chicken and found a mage. 11 Stop the reproduction of the brooms. 6 Located and returned the key to the lockbox 6 Taught some punk kid a lesson he'll never forget. 5 Freed the old wizard from his glass prison! 4 Returned a lost memento to an old man. Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 41 Rid the Nightmare Plane of the thirteen titans intent on world domination. 18 Successfully passed through the Naphtali tower of learning. 9 Successfully passed through the Vemarken tower of learning. 40 Risked life and limb to rescue the Princess of Airam. 39 Tried, but failed to locate the missing battery for a crazy-eyed scientist. 40 Found and captured a skysower seed! 40 Became a member of the Delta Sigma fraternity 40 Completed the kings dash in Atlantis 40 Set the Atlantis academy mascot loose on the college grounds as a fraternity prank. 39 Fixed a leak and saved the city 39 Bottled lightning for the King of the Storm Giants. 34 Discovered and toppled a dark conspiracy in the town of Marikest... 40 Removed Rajendra from his house 36 Drove the Anchorite garrison out of Steinhaus 37 Repossessed the stolen heirlooms of the wizard Kahari. 27 Sent the undead drow priestess to meet her goddess, allowing the svirfneblin to live in peace. 21 Lifted the curse cast upon Dentin's temple by Kenai. 19 Hunted down and exterminated the bugs in the cellar of the Golden Phoenix Inn. 30 Helped the red gang to gain dominance over the North Ralnoth Slums. 32 Rescued Rodon the Wizard from the creatures on the other side of the vortex 37 Took revenge on Flamewing the king of the fire dragons on behalf of an elven hunter! 27 Tracked down the research team stranded on the fire world of Khinzhai. 34 Pleased the Lord of Wellinghall by slaying the vile knucker. 33 Collected a bounty for killing someone that cheated the Blackrock Clan. 23 Rescued a group of musicians from the ghostface orcs. 23 Freed Curlie the musician from the Skull caverns. 23 Freed Moe the musician from the Skull caverns. 23 Freed Larry the musician from the Skull caverns. 25 Halted the attempt of the necromancer Darsakius from opening a rift to the demon world. 9 Snuffed out the mole king and rescued the Mayor's wife. 8 Extricated the Gnomian slaves from the caves of the moles. 13 Freed the spirit of King Rathborne 2 Brought food for the hibernating bear. 6 Found the key to the donation box. 5 Exposed the cult of Kenai near Vemarken 1 Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 32 Helped to thwart the bandit raids during the Alter Aeon Anniversary of 2018 39 Helped to clear the Valley of Shadows. 40 Tracked down and exterminated one of the elusive pumpkinheads during the Halloween Havoc of 2017. 26 Made a donation to help the poor on Eid al-Adha 2017! 24 Made some children's day by giving them some candy. 39 Sunk one of the metarrexi dreadnoughts on the high seas 39 Destroyed one of the metarrexi masterminds infesting the Material Plane 34 Completed Wave 0 of the Puzzlewood survival challenge 2017 39 Repulsed an invasion by Jolli the clown and his horde of killer clowns on Halloween 2016! 39 Banded with a group of adventurers to save the world from a giant killer clown! 38 Sent a wicked clown back to its own dimension. 23 Helped spread some holiday cheer! 31 Captured a Christmas bandit before he could ruin the holidays. 33 Hunted down a turkey and cooked it Alter Aeon style! 17 Caught a gingerbread man proving he wasn't as fast as he thought! 26 Participated in the Great Turkey Massacre of 2012. 30 Helped slay a giant mutant turkey for Thanksgiving 2012! 17 Cook a turkey in a stove? Bah! I did it Alter Aeon style! 34 Crushed some pumpkins into pulp on Halloween 2012! 34 Defeated the ancient warrior in mortal combat. Time of last save: Sun Jun 17 06:40:00 2018

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