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Name: ladyemerence Proper name: Ladyemerence Ground string: Ladyemerence is here. Title: Created: Thu Jul 19 01:26:41 2018 Description ----------------------------------------------------- Ladyemerence is of average height and build, with hazel eyes. Her grey hair is long and pulled back into a ponytail. Her pale skin is freckled, and you guess her to be fairly young, perhaps around 18 years old. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 25 Cler: 20 Thie: 5 Warr: 15 Necr: 10 Drui: 31 Microlevel Mage: 1 Cler: 0 Thie: 0 Warr: 0 Necr: 0 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 106 Fame: 73 Clan: shadow alliance Rank: first rank initiate Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 35 Prevented Ralnoth from being devoured by an invasion of giant termites. 33 Defeated Vesden the Conquerer restoring peace to the city of Linholt. 37 Rescued a slave from Castle Radobaj 31 Conquered the forest primeval 31 Tangled with an ancient tangletree and survived! 30 Slew the monsters Scylla and Charybdis. 33 Thwarted Falnar the Shadowmancer's plans. 25 Found and retrieved the Dagger of Stealth. 25 Found and retrieved the Staff of Understanding. 25 Found and retrieved the Mace of Knowledge. 25 Found and retrieved the Sword of Strength. 35 Defeated the Mountain King and obtained Peacekeeper, sword of order 24 Purged the world of Nafien's taint. 5 Found the needle in the haystack! 20 Freed some slaves from the cruel pain and torture of an orc slavemaster. 9 Squashed a spider and made me some armor! Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 35 Rescued the Princess of Radobaj 34 Defeated the void saving the magic of the world. 31 Freed Iron Bay of the kobold menace 23 Defeated the guardian serpent to gain access to Asgaard. 28 Is the new hobgoblin champion. 8 Vanquished the rat king and put an end to its machinations. 3 Freed the graveyard from the Vampiress 1 Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! 0 Discovered an ambush party! Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 35 Crushed Creepy the snow ogre and recovered the amethyst of time. 32 Gathered ingredients that a master chef needed to make more holiday punch. 27 Collected a log to help Frosty warm up his wife's heart or was it hearth? 29 Hacked up a few trees to prevent them from globally warming the world. 29 Protected the innocent from the Anti Claws that ran rampant in 2018. 35 Helped all the witches to complete their Halloween Havoc tasks. 37 Played the fool, as I was tricked by Azule on Halloween 2018. 34 Helped Azule to catch a nasty fangtooth to add to her stew. 32 Helped Azule to gather potatoes to add to her legendary stew. 31 Helped Azule to get some mushrooms to add to her legendary stew. 29 Helped Azule to gather a liquid base to make her legendary stew. 14 Eliminated even more cats to avoid a catastrophe! 21 Helped Rojo the red witch to avoid a catastrophe during the Havoc of 2018! 30 Helped the white witch to fill one of her Halloween gift bags. Time of last save: Mon Jun 24 05:50:00 2019

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