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Name: oblivion Proper name: Oblivion Ground string: Oblivion is here. Title: Created: Tue Sep 19 10:06:31 2017 Description ----------------------------------------------------- Oblivion is short and of slender build, with grey eyes. His dark brown hair is short. His heavily tanned skin has a very clear complexion, and you guess him to be fairly young, perhaps around 18 years old. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 12 Cler: 17 Thie: 23 Warr: 28 Necr: 7 Drui: 2 Total levels in all classes: 89 Fame: 47 Clan: shadow alliance Rank: first rank initiate Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 28 Assaulted the elderly. 28 Tangled with an ancient tangletree and survived! 25 Restored the legendary dwarven bracelet. 21 Escorted a metal hunter out of a stinky situation. 21 Defeated Mostyn, the strong man, in an unarmed fight to the death. 20 Found that alligator you flushed, and boy was it big! 21 Freed some slaves from the cruel pain and torture of an orc slavemaster. 14 Exterminated the master tonberry saving the moogle village. 5 Found Indiana Jones' Legacy 4 Returned the sacred chalice to the Shrine of the Vemarken Faithful. Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 23 Is the new hobgoblin champion. 26 Recaptured a dwarven smith's mightiest weapon 21 Challenged the six masters of the Lotus Monastery and was victorious. 14 Skillfully navigated the maze of the black minotaur and laid claim to his prize possessions. 21 Hired on as a mercenary for a time to prove they were a skilled fighter. 21 Help the tinker gnomes to solve a crash landing problem with their elevator system. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! 0 Discovered an ambush party! Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- Time of last save: Fri Dec 8 21:50:00 2017

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