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Name: puppy Proper name: Puppy Ground string: Puppy is here. Title: lags its tail and barks excitedly. Created: Tue Feb 28 15:03:39 2006 Description ----------------------------------------------------- It has all the looks of a puppy, but my oh my is it one whopper of a huge dog. It has thick muscles in it's shoulders and along its back. It positively shakes the ground as it pads happily around in ludicrous puppy fassion. This ain't right, something this freeking huge shouldn't be allowed to move around this way as though it is but a small critter. It still seems a little clumsy too as though it hasn't quite got the hang of walking. It will get all excited with itself and trip itself up in its cute tree trunk-leggs and go tumbling ass over tea kettle, which would be hillarious if it wasn't so dangerous coming from a jumbo critter like this. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Homepage URL: Level Mage: 13 Cler: 17 Thie: 28 Warr: 22 Necr: 1 Drui: 3 Total levels in all classes: 84 Fame: 14 Clan: havoc Rank: third rank initiate Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 39 Found and defeated The last of the fallen magi 39 Defeated the elemental lord, the Water Baron. 39 Defeated the Mist Dragon of Avalon. 37 Took the Malitad club away from the King 38 Eliminated Rub'Al-Kali, evil servant of the Amir 26 Found and retrieved the Dagger of Stealth. 23 Defeated Mostyn, the strong man, in an unarmed fight to the death. 17 Exterminated the master tonberry saving the moogle village. 8 Obtained the title: Mouseslayer, mmk 24 Slew Locos, the terror under the well Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 18 Put a stop to the abuse of a child. 14 Slew Roch'tar, master of the catacombs 14 Freed the spirit of King Rathborne 34 Defeated the bear marauding through the forest southwest of Ralnoth Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 19 Found the Great Pumpkin and squashed it! 18 Helped to clear the Valley of Shadows. Time of last save: Sun May 10 20:30:00 2020

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