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Name: soth Proper name: Soth Ground string: You stand before Lord Soth the Death Knight and his undead minions. Title: ^._.^ Created: Thu Dec 22 18:50:34 2011 Description ----------------------------------------------------- You look at this undead abomination and marvel at the evil and hatred emanating from his being. What once was a valiant Knight of Solamnia, full of passion and love, now stands a Death Knight, adhering to the Oath and Measure simply as a mockery of honour. A host of his undead minions stand unnaturally still just behind him and two flaming red dots peer at you with the intensity of a thousand suns and threaten to burn right into your soul. His voice is but an echo from the depths of a bottomless cavern. A tattered and frayed cloak that appears to have once been a brilliant shade of white hangs over the charred, blackened armor that covers him from head to toe and you get the feeling that beneath that terrifying armor lies a heartless and fleshless skeleton, unfeeling and never resting. With his arms crossed, cloak billowing in the wind, and his minions in formation just behind him, he is an awful and terrifying sight to behold. Be brave adventurer...and be terribly afraid. ----------------------------------------------------------------- History --------------------------------------------------------- Soth began his career as a Solamnic Knight as a squire in the service of Holger Windsound. He went on many adventures, battling creatures of evil and slaying them in the name of the Knights of Solamnia. Soth became a formidable fighter and rose through the ranks as a Knight of the Sword. To prove himself in order to become a Knight of the Rose, Soth led a mission into the Empire of Ergoth to rescue two knights who had been captured by Ogres, escorted religious pilgrims to Istar, saved a small boy from a burning cottage and successfully defended the honor of Lady Wandra when a former suitor cast doubt on her chastity. These deeds earned Soth an elevated rank as a Knight of the Rose. The following year, Soth and his fellow loyal knights were travelling to Palanthas to join the annual meeting of the Knights of Solamnia, when they came upon a party of Silvanesti elves being attacked by ogres. Soth and his knights slaughtered the ogres and saved the elven party. Among them was an elfmaiden by the name os Isolde Denissa, and Soth was smitten with her as soon as he laid eyes on her. He took her back with him to Dargaard Keep so that her injures could be healed. Soth had soon begun cheating on his wife with Isolde. Their affair continued, even when Soth's wife, Korinne, became pregnant through magical means. Matters become more complicated when Isolde herself became pregnant, just a month before Soth and Korinne's child was to be born. When the child was born, it was deformed by magic and Soth, blaming his wife for their son's appearance, murdered both his child and his wife, claiming that they had both died in childbirth. Six months later, he married Isolde. The following year, Isolde gave birth to a baby boy, named after Soth's great-great-grandfather, Peradur Soth. One month later, Soth was summoned to Palanthas by the High Justice, where a panel of Knights charged and found him guilty of the murder of his first wife. Soth was sentenced to death, but was rescued from public beheading by a group of his loyal knights, and fled with them to Dargaard Keep. Not wishing to attack the fortress, the Knights banished Soth to Knightlund, where his keep was located. Confined in his realm, lest the Knights kill him, Soth fell into a deep depression. Concerned about her husband, Isolde prayed to the goddess Mishakal to save her husband. The goddes charged Isolde to tell her husband about the coming cataclysm and to tell Soth to travel to Istar to prevent the Kingpriest from calling down the gods' wrath. After contemplating Mihakal's message, Soth agreed to undertake the quest. With three of his most loyal knights, Soth set off for Istar to stop the Kingpriest. However, Soth encountered on the road the same group of elves that had been traveling with Isolde when he first met her. The elven maidens told Soth that Isolde had been unfaithful, and that their child was not his. Furious, Soth killed the elves and deserted his quest, riding back to Dargaard Keep with murder in his heart. Upon returning to the keep, Soth found Isolde holding their newborn son, and confronted her with what the elven maidens had told him. While they argued in the great hall, the Cataclysm that Soth could have prevented had struck Krynn, causing a chandelier to fall from the ceiling, crushing Isolde and Peradur. Trapped and dying underneath the chandelier, Isolde had managed to save their son and tried to give him to Soth. The proud Soth refused however, condemning them both to death. With her dying breath, Isolde called down a terrible curse on Soth, declaring that he would "live one life for every life lost" as a result of the Cataclysm. Loren Soth died in the flames of the burning Dargaard Keep, but Isolde's curse was heard by the gods. When Soth awoke, he found that his flesh had burned. Soth's flesh fell off with each step he took until all that remained was a skeleton covered in the charred, black armor of a Knight of the Rose with burning orange eyes. His most loyal followers, Caradoc, Colm Farold, Darin Valcic, Derik Grimscribe, Kris Krejlgaard, Meer Seril, Wersten Kern, and Zander Vingus also rose from their deaths, condemned to serve their lord in death as skeletal warriors. Furthermore, the elf maidens who had poisoned Soth's mind with their lies were sent back as banshees, condemned to sing the song of his terrible deeds every night, to remind him of the destruction he allowed to happen because of his jealousy and rage. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Homepage URL: Level Mage: 16 Cler: 22 Thie: 27 Warr: 35 Necr: 37 Drui: 11 Microlevel Mage: 0 Cler: 0 Thie: 0 Warr: 20 Necr: 0 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 148 Fame: 803 Clan: demon Rank: founder Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 36 Slaughtered the barracuda saving the draconian food supply! 38 Killed a helpless angelbaby, just because they could. 36 Slew the dreaded mindflayer and took its crystal ball 38 Defeated Khir Ablishak in her icy lair 35 Rescued Princess Angelina 37 Defeated Torsius, the corruptor of reality and the archdemon Moez'tillio. 35 Destroyed the three Gorgon sisters. 32 Destroyed the Gorgon, Euryale Farspringer. 33 Destroyed the Gorgon, Medusa the Disgraced. 40 Slew Thas'Tau, the Great Silver Dragon King 19 Captured and returned the Wizard brightflame's escaped familiar. 28 Captured an escaped ruby red wyvren and returned it safely to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped black bear and returned it safely to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped monkey and returned it safely to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped zebracorn and returned it safely to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped pygmy dragon and returned it safely to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped alligator and returned it safely to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped albino elephant and safely returned it to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped tiger and returned it safely to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped Bigfoot and returned it safely to its cage. 27 Captured an escaped emerald green griffin and returned it safely back to its cage. 35 Eliminated the ancient assassin, Kr'Path Tal 37 Assembled the Scimitar of Souls. 38 Eliminated the shadow Bumboo, thus freeing the spirit of Urawa Ryo 37 Eliminated the serpent's spawn, Seti Tal. 33 Rescued a slave from Castle Radobaj 41 Dethroned and defeated Ha-Azshara, Queen of the Naginag Combine. 36 Slew Voss'Darzi the white wyrm, liberating the Shii'lok mountains. 33 Marked with ill-favor by sea for slaying an albatross. 37 Slew the Deep Dragon 36 Saved a boy from the horrors of Stoke-on-the-Mound 35 Murdered a kidnapped elf princess, because she deserved it. 30 Passed the test of the Soul. 30 Passed the test of the Mind. 31 Defeated the Master of the South Wind in mortal combat! 30 Defeated the Master of the West Wind in mortal combat! 30 Defeated the Master of the North Wind in mortal combat! 30 Defeated the Master of the East Wind in mortal combat! 35 Defeated the Greater Pit Fiend 32 Destroyed the Gorgon, Stheno the Mighty. 36 Rescued a Benzani prisoner from the Sashala 31 Put a myxomatosis rabbit out of its misery. 35 Exorcised the demon of lust from the world! 35 Victorious over the hungry fangs of the giant water spider. 36 Slew Lux, the ancient red dragon 29 Saved the city of Koralia's Heart from certain doom. 31 Murdered a small boy on behalf of the assassin Roran. 19 Completely destroyed a giant fiery red drake. 19 Completely destroyed a black scaled drake. 19 Completely destroyed a large azure blue drake. 19 Disposed of Anekam the drake keeper. 19 Completely destroyed an emerald green drake. 19 Completely destroyed a large yellow drake. 19 Completely destroyed a silvery gray drake. 19 Completely destroyed a dark brown drake. 36 Slew the fiery krakken. 34 Slew the Fire Tower's guild leader, Tir'Roscha 37 Exorcised the demon of greed from the world! 35 Overthrew the tyrannical reign of the CyberWarrior and liberated the Dargonesti. 36 Translated Dante's journal, and uncovered his horrific plot 34 Defeated the worm horde and slew Spelldrinker, Mana Worm. 35 Slayer of the mighty Tunnel Wurm 36 Shed the blood of a noble crimson dragon. 37 Recovered the sword 'Blight' 36 Has been cursed by the Time Dragon, and is hopelessly doomed. 35 Slew Susami, the yellow wyrm 30 Passed the test of the Shadows. 30 Passed the test of the Body. 38 used all their skills to feed a citrine wyvren. 30 Murdered the grey elves responsible for imprisoning Plippo Stickyfingers 37 Exorcised the demon of envy from the world! 35 Faced the hawkman champion in a no magic battle and was victorious. 38 Cleared the Dark Moon Forest of the evil presence. 35 Defeated the Mandrill Shaman in combat 35 Stopped the Ejja, for now. 28 Victorious over the bloodied champion of the Jo'Kerin arena 29 Survived and won a battle with Atlantian Elite Royal Guards 35 Defeated Triste's Confusion. 35 Defeated Triste's Betrayal. 36 Defeated Triste's Suffering. 35 Defeated Triste's Despair. 32 Captured the escaped faerie and sent her back to her cell. 24 Defeated the helpless coma patient in mortal combat. 37 Penetrated the Demon Realm and destroyed the Demon King, Magmos 34 Broke into and looted the Shrine of the Ethereal king. 34 Cleansed the defiled temple of Q'thelas. 33 Killed Tarrant, forfeiting any chance of doing his quest. 31 Slew the ravenous preta, putting it out of its eternal misery. 34 Doomed the dodos to extinction. 33 Slew the brown krakken. 34 Slew the deep krakken. 37 Earned the rank of 'Fire Wizard' in the Fire Towers' guild 34 Slew Magmos' guard familiar, the beholder Ralkaross 35 Earned the rank of 'Fire Caller' in the Fire Towers' guild 34 Earned the rank of 'Flame Adept' in the Fire Towers' guild 33 Earned the rank of 'Flame Apprentice' in the Fire Towers' guild 32 Earned the rank of 'Burning Hand' in the Fire Towers' guild 32 Earned the rank of 'Candle' in the Fire Towers' guild 40 Burned the face off a hill giant. 34 Destroyed the supposedly indestructible Battle Machine. 28 Assaulted the elderly. 9 Harvested some honeycomb for the local bakery. 34 Defeated the Mist Dragon of Avalon. 29 Defeated Vesden the Conquerer restoring peace to the city of Linholt. 25 Assassinated the alchemist on behalf of the shadowy demon. 31 Penetrated the Heart of Tirgoth, and devastated the Ent society 17 Figured out the mystery of the old mansion and found its hidden treasure. 26 Restored the legendary dwarven bracelet. 11 Obtained the silver ring of the Gatekeeper 20 Slew Locos, the terror under the well 24 Thrashed Pantrell and gave his tome of secrets to Deeamos. 16 Exterminated the master tonberry saving the moogle village. 5 Freed the old wizard from his glass prison! 5 Taught some punk kid a lesson he'll never forget. 4 Translate the strange paper from Uffspigot Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 37 Slew the derro savant and collected the bounty. 42 Ended Koschei the Deathless's reign of terror. 36 Drove the Anchorite garrison out of Steinhaus 39 Banished the vengeful spirit haunting Sas'kwal Bay. 21 Collected a few debts owed to the villagers of Seaside. 40 Captured another demon to replace Asranth and keep the Stone Dragon imprisoned forever 39 Defeated the hellborn vampire 39 Retrieved the Scimitar of Souls for Avalon 38 Retrieved the body of Arthur from Thendulomassar 36 Slew Chieftain Kicking-Hooves and collected the bounty. 37 Killed Agnes the witch and collected the bounty. 34 Hunted down a deserter from the Naginag Combine. 34 Killed a lesser hydra and collected the bounty. 37 Brought King Tut's royal wrappings to the Benzani alchemist. 39 Convinced the ancient golden dragon to teach you a spell 33 Collected a bounty for killing someone that cheated the Blackrock Clan. 27 Defeated the mad smith's mechanical monstrosity 27 Plundered the decimated drow city and uncovered its history. 26 Discovered what was causing the patrol soldiers of Fort Magnesia to become ill. 25 Helped the centaurs rid their land of wyvren 25 Brought Nammen some hides for tanning. 28 Freed Iron Bay of the kobold menace 37 Took revenge on Flamewing the king of the fire dragons on behalf of an elven hunter! 21 Lifted the curse cast upon Dentin's temple by Kenai. 20 Collected a debt owed to Torba Hammerclaw. 20 Collected a debt owed to Kyna in Kyna's General Store. 20 Collected a debt owed to Nailo in The Golden Phoenix Restaurant. 21 Collected a debt owed to Slade the bartender in the Nightshade Tavern. 21 Dealt with the foul stench of Castle Kraftrager. 21 Collected a debt owed to Fargan the butcher. 21 Cleared out the castle. 34 Discovered and toppled a dark conspiracy in the town of Marikest... 37 Repossessed the stolen heirlooms of the wizard Kahari. 20 Hunted down and exterminated the bugs in the cellar of the Golden Phoenix Inn. 36 Slew Silatris the Rock Dragon, saving the gnome clan 35 Earned the trust of Cinvan and his clan 37 Helped Djorb become a master biomancer 24 Is the new hobgoblin champion. 31 Brought a retired hunter one last trophy 14 Slew Roch'tar, master of the catacombs 34 Pleased the Lord of Wellinghall by slaying the vile knucker. 23 Bested the Norse gods and took their most prized possessions. 23 Bested the flying Valkyrie and took her most prize possession. 27 Recaptured a dwarven smith's mightiest weapon 23 Bested Odin and took his prize possession. 26 Discovered the hospitals namesake and put an end to his diabolical plan. 23 Bested Thor and took his prize possession. 17 Found and brought down the demon city of Qoorik. 13 Freed the spirit of King Rathborne 5 Exposed the cult of Kenai near Vemarken 3 Freed the graveyard from the Vampiress 3 Made it to Pellam and broke the blockade 1 Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! 0 Discovered an ambush party! Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 39 Was one of the top ten cannoneers of Halloween Havoc 2017! 18 Tracked down and exterminated one of the elusive pumpkinheads during the Halloween Havoc of 2017. 40 Completed Wave 50 of the Puzzlewood survival challenge 2017 40 Completed Wave 40 of the Puzzlewood survival challenge 2017 39 Completed Wave 30 of the Puzzlewood survival challenge 2017 39 Completed Wave 20 of the Puzzlewood survival challenge 2017 38 Completed Wave 10 of the Puzzlewood survival challenge 2017 34 Completed Wave 0 of the Puzzlewood survival challenge 2017 36 Drove away a frost devil to keep the innocent safe on Christmas 2016! 30 Helped slay a giant mutant turkey for Thanksgiving 2012! 26 Participated in the Great Turkey Massacre of 2012. 29 Got tricked by an exploding pumpkin on Halloween 2012. 28 Found a pumpkin and received a treat on Halloween 2012. 34 Crushed some pumpkins into pulp on Halloween 2012! 34 Defeated the ancient warrior in mortal combat. 36 [17th anniversary event] Helped rebind the interplanar knot 35 [17th anniversary event] Helped recast a broken runestone 36 [17th anniversary event] Helped cast a runebreaking spell 37 [17th anniversary event] Found a long lost book on planar portals 37 [17th anniversary event] Helped reinforce the wards around the demon Ixillia 36 [17th anniversary event] Found unicorn blood to contain the demon Ixillia 37 [17th anniversary event] Retrieved components to fix a planar portal 36 [17th anniversary event] Brought a filament of elemental fire to Redferne 35 [17th anniversary event] Found radioactive isotopes to power the portal 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from all the reachable planes 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the outer planar fire world 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the outer planar ice world 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from Valhalla 35 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the nomagic biolab 35 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the elemental plane of earth 33 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the Heavyside Layer 31 Helped save the world from an overabundance of holiday cheer! 23 Helped spread some holiday cheer! Time of last save: Mon May 28 22:50:00 2018

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