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Name: tyro Proper name: Tyro Ground string: Tyro is here. Title: doesn't exist, so isn't here. Created: Thu Aug 3 12:07:31 2000 Description ----------------------------------------------------- When you look upon Tyro the first feature that you notice are his bright blue eyes that seemingly stare into the depths of your soul. There is a childish smile on his face, that makes him seem younger than his many wrinkles suggest. He looks quite humble and willing to help any adventurer that needs assistance. Although he seems quite friendly, you get the feeling that he is not one to be fooled around with. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 31 Cler: 25 Thie: 21 Warr: 30 Necr: 11 Drui: 1 Microlevel Mage: 0 Cler: 0 Thie: 0 Warr: 1 Necr: 0 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 119 Fame: 73 Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 36 Murdered the grey elves responsible for imprisoning Plippo Stickyfingers 41 Slew Lux, the ancient red dragon 37 Met the Giants 37 Helped keep everyone fed at the Drunken Dragon Inn 29 Defeated the helpless coma patient in mortal combat. 30 Tracked down and returned the stolen crate of repair parts to Dordak. 18 Climbed the beanstalk, and retrieved a golden egg. 6 Freed the old wizard from his glass prison! 37 Retrieved the Lost Spear of the Ancients 35 Slew the witch and set the animated objects free 37 Sabotaged the great siege engine. 35 Is the reigning chess grandmaster by defeating Viktor 39 Chose death before dishonor, and committed seppuku. 27 Found and retrieved the Mace of Knowledge. 30 Thrashed Pantrell and gave his tome of secrets to Deeamos. 30 Slew a homeless man who simply wanted a Thanksgiving dinner for his family. 32 Annihilated the shadowy demon and sent him to his final resting place. 38 Rescued a soldier of the Naginag Combine from imprisonment. 39 Cursed the world by unlocking the Dark God's prison. 40 Murdered an innocent, defenseless, and lost faerie infant. You evil bastard. 38 Defeated the dreaded Ice Worm of the Ash Mountains 39 Sailed and found buried pirate treasure! 36 Retrieved a wisp of flame for the alchemist Abicus from the outer planar fire world. 18 Retrieved and returned Russell's golden compass 37 Slew the ravenous preta, putting it out of its eternal misery. 36 Defeated Vesden the Conquerer restoring peace to the city of Linholt. 39 Correctly answered a gynosphinx's riddle. 5 Found the needle in the haystack! 5 Put down the deadly white wolf. 36 Defeated the Mountain King and obtained Peacekeeper, sword of order 40 Slew the Fire Tower's guild leader, Tir'Roscha 41 Penetrated the Demon Realm and destroyed the Demon King, Magmos 41 Saved the mortal realm from the apocalyptic demon Kultan, and thwarted Magmos' plans 40 Slew Magmos' guard familiar, the beholder Ralkaross 39 Put down the ghost of the dreaded ice drake, T'yarnefess na-Draj 39 Earned the rank of 'Flame Apprentice' in the Fire Towers' guild 39 Earned the rank of 'Burning Hand' in the Fire Towers' guild 39 Earned the rank of 'Candle' in the Fire Towers' guild 39 Doomed the great auks to extinction. 39 Marked with ill-favor by sea for slaying an albatross. 9 Stole the church's meager donations. 7 Did not eat the kitten. 6 Taught some punk kid a lesson he'll never forget. 7 Defeated the ferocious mugwump on behalf of a retired hunter. 17 Exterminated the master tonberry saving the moogle village. 10 Obtained the title: Mouseslayer, mmk 26 Found and retrieved the Sword of Strength. 27 Found and retrieved the Staff of Understanding. 26 Found and retrieved the Dagger of Stealth. 36 Survived and won a battle with Atlantian Elite Royal Guards 39 Defeated the elemental lord, the Water Baron. 38 Took the Malitad club away from the King 41 Has been cursed by the Time Dragon, and is hopelessly doomed. 34 Assaulted the elderly. 24 Slew Locos, the terror under the well 40 Banished the Arch-Fiend, Asranth. 37 Victorious over the bloodied champion of the Jo'Kerin arena 37 Passed the test of the Soul. 37 Passed the test of the Mind. 25 Purged the world of Nafien's taint. 13 Obtained the silver ring of the Gatekeeper 37 Slew the sickly kobold prince in cold blood Defended Ralnoth against the Stone Giant Invasion Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 23 Plundered the Copper Dragon for the Magistrate's book. 23 Sunk Thor's Hammer blocking the Viking raiders from getting their supplies. 23 Pilfered the chains of true binding off the ship known as the Leviathan. 23 Reclaimed a lost family heirloom. 23 Heisted the fabled blue diamond off the Lady Luck. 23 Eradicated the adaro in the atoll so the researchers could complete their work. 23 Delivered some much needed provisions to the lighthouse. 24 Lifted the curse cast upon Dentin's temple by Kenai. 37 Lifted the spirits of the barkeep at the Drunken Dragon Inn 38 Received a reward for retrieving some hops for Raldo. 38 Went fishing and completed Varno's tropical fish collection 25 Ambushed some bandits and took back a stolen money sack. 19 Completed a few tasks given by the ranger in Naphtali. 19 Found and brought down the demon city of Qoorik. 37 Cured Zarians writer's block and was rewarded. 38 Collected a bounty for ridding the world of the Bugbear Chieftain 37 Played the role of messenger for a day. 5 Exposed the cult of Kenai near Vemarken 18 Returned Ardin's remains to his wife, Edna. 17 Soothed a mother's soul by helping cure her sick son. 36 Collected a bounty for killing someone that cheated the Blackrock Clan. 40 Pleased the Lord of Wellinghall by slaying the vile knucker. 23 Made a child happy by returning his ball 37 Rescued Rodon the Wizard from the creatures on the other side of the vortex 31 Aided the smith in finishing his greatest creation. 37 Provided a thirsty child with much needed water 5 Chatted up the Mayor of Vemarken on behalf of the general storekeeper. 5 Helped the local merchants of Sloe deliver crucial shipments. 17 Hewed the head from the orc chieftain as a warning to the rest of his kind. 4 Made it to Pellam and broke the blockade 3 Freed the graveyard from the Vampiress 1 Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! 7 "Took care" of Ol' Blue. 8 Vanquished the rat king and put an end to its machinations. 23 Made an old fisherman's day by giving him his favorite food. 37 Avenged the villagers murdered by their own. 40 Returned the sacred fruit loops to the great blue toucan 15 Slew Roch'tar, master of the catacombs 14 Freed the spirit of King Rathborne 39 Gave Drache the brilliant sand dragon his antidote 34 Defeated the bear marauding through the forest southwest of Ralnoth Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 21 Helped to clean up the world by collecting the EPDS misfires. 24 Found a gingerbread man and brought it to Daga the elf to ease his hunger. 24 Assisted Daga the elf in collecting a lost present during the year end event of 2014. 36 [18th anniversary event] 1995 Server Black Belt 28 Found a pumpkin and received a treat on Halloween 2012. 29 Got tricked by an exploding pumpkin on Halloween 2012. 34 Crushed some pumpkins into pulp on Halloween 2012! 36 [17th anniversary event] Helped rebind the interplanar knot 35 [17th anniversary event] Helped recast a broken runestone 36 [17th anniversary event] Helped cast a runebreaking spell 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from all the reachable planes 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the outer planar fire world 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the outer planar ice world 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from Valhalla 35 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the nomagic biolab 35 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the elemental plane of earth 33 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the Heavyside Layer 28 Participant in the 2011 pumpkin cannon contest! 34 Was a participant in the Halloween havoc of 2011! 31 Gave their all to become the best demon hunter on Halloween 2011! 27 [16th anniversary event] Participated in the Anniversary party! 30 Celebrated the coming of 2011 by shooting off a brilliant display of fireworks. 31 Helped save the world from an overabundance of holiday cheer! 23 Helped spread some holiday cheer! 34 Was a participant in the Halloween havoc of 2010! 29 I brought the witch a sweet and she gave me a treat! 30 Became a Vampire slayer on Halloween 2010! 34 [15th anniversary event] Freed Dentin from his prison in the Realm of Kenai 35 Helped Shadowfax steal Christmas! 33 Helped Draak save Christmas! 30 Smashed a bottle over an unsuspecting victim's head in honor of Thanksgiving 2009! 32 Was a participant in the Halloween havoc of 2009! 31 Smashed and pulverized some pumpkins on Halloween! 34 Was tricked on Halloween by an old witch. 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