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Name: wolfoiox Proper name: Wolfoiox Ground string: You see the corpse of Wolfoiox, howling in the darkness and enveloped in nitrogen. Title: the true form of, wolf! Created: Fri Aug 10 10:52:01 2018 Description ----------------------------------------------------- You see a wolf standing in the shadows. An shop pain fills your vision and you fall to the ground, hard on your face, and crystals come out of your eyes as you hear the wolf. You see the corps of Wolfoiox, howling in the darkness and envoloped in nitrogen. The nitrogen is envloping his body over and over, until he comes back, which is in the year 666AD. After he does come back, he will be the true master of the Alter Aeon universe. You think to yourself, ahh he is dead. But as you look at this being who i s being envoloped, ahh, he is there. He is the governing body, the one, the true form of, wolf. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Personality ----------------------------------------------------- Wolfoiox is greeving for the world. His mission is not over yet, and so shall his mission continue. He is a lone wolf, very happy when it comes to certain topics, like brewing, the Illuminati and also demonic things. He is also burning on the inside, weighting for the right moment to return from death. The nitrogen caused him so much pain that he is crying nitrogen balls, which may cause you to die of inhailing the nitrogen. ----------------------------------------------------------------- History --------------------------------------------------------- afk When wolfoiox was a child, he was raised very well in the Illuminati. He was automaticly enlisted in the Illuminati, and had been sent to the demon relms. As Wolfoiox grew up, he started noticing some dificulties at school. One day however, it all changed, when wolfoiox was kicked out of the demon relms, bringing his powers with him. His powers at the time were unknown to humans, even Harry Potter didn't really know about these powers. In the year of 001 however, he went on a mission to meet some human be ings. They were like him, a human, however they didn't have the powers that he had. Wolfoiox then used all of his powers on the humans, turning them into tinny creatures. The only human that was alive was him, due to the overpowering of his energy. Wolfoiox then worked at an execusion chair, where he was instructed to execute humans that reproduced after the demonic kind. A lot of humans were linked up with the demonic relm now thanks to Wolfoiox's powers. At the age of 500, he was famous for executing ga zaki, who was suposed to be a bad wizard causing curroption to spread, and was very famous for his evil deeds. However Wolfoiox, became the new evil ruler by slautering him, causing great pain. He drank some of the blood so that he could absorb the powers that he had and became imortal, but due to a strange event due to a mothership crashing over his head, nitrogen was pumped into Wolfoiox's body, and he was enveloped in the nitrogen. When wolfoiox dies, he will be known as the great evil being, much evil then Satan and the Illuminati. He will be housed at the nitrogen lab, where he will be tested on and sent once again to execute and brew potions. Quote from wolfoiox, I'm doing a potion project. Brewing as many potions as I can, better then that other guy, yeah you know who I'm talking about. I'm the king of nitrogen, the god of wolves, and if I see a wolf attack, he or she will be sacrificed unto me, for I'm watching the darkness whenever it calls the Illuminati to flee our earth and back into the demon rlm from once we came Our actions, will have revealed who we are, and they will hunt us down, and no person shall give us shelter!! format ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 1 Cler: 0 Thie: 0 Warr: 0 Necr: 0 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 1 Clan: celestials Rank: none Time of last save: Thu Apr 23 19:10:00 2020

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