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Name: xyth Proper name: Xyth Ground string: Xyth is here. Title: , the sneaky rogue owl flies around Created: Sun Jun 23 01:37:48 2013 Description ----------------------------------------------------- You see a sneaky rogue owl. This large sneaky rogue owl is at least the size of your torso. The sneaky rogue owl has the small beak, oval face and very large eyes you'd expect to see on a sneaky rogue owl. The sneaky rogue owl has a rich red coloration on its back, wings and tail, fading to a dull pinkish-brown on its belly and face. Sneaky rogue Owls are normally sneaky, but this sneaky rogue owl is extremely sneaky. He can sneak like a rock falling down a stair! Sneaky, isn't he? Fook, the sneaky rogue owl just turned it's head 180 degrees and looked at its own ass or tail feathers. freaky! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Personality ----------------------------------------------------- If you see this sneaky rogue owl on your way then say hi. You probably won't though, 'cause he's pretty fucking sneaky. Also, he loves to flap his feathery wings in your face... So be careful! ----------------------------------------------------------------- History --------------------------------------------------------- Once upon a time there was a sneaky rogue owl, no one really knew him though because he was sneaky. He is still around, and sometimes you can feel the gust of wind from his flapping wings. flap flap ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 1 Cler: 1 Thie: 10 Warr: 1 Necr: 0 Drui: 10 Total levels in all classes: 23 Fame: 4 Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 9 Obtained the title: Mouseslayer, mmk Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 0 Discovered an ambush party! Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 35 Was surprised when someone kissed me under the mistletoe. 36 Drove away a frost devil to keep the innocent safe on Christmas 2016! Time of last save: Tue May 26 23:20:00 2020

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