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Storefront:  The Adventurer's Lodge
Location:    Village of Votara, The Continent of Ramanek
Recommended Level: 42

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Prev Item - [    160] (lvl  31) a pamphlet labeled, "An Idiot's Guide to Identifying Extra-planar Demons"
Curr Item - [    160] (lvl  31) a pamphlet labeled, "An Idiot's Guide to Identifying Extra-planar Demons"

This item has the following properties:
Item: 'black pamphlet guide demons demon idiot's idiot'
Weight: 1  Size: 0'11"  
Type: SCROLL   Composition: PAPER
Object is:  

Item has level 40 spells of:
protection from evil

Item description:
'The Idiot's Guide to Identifying Extraplaner Demons' (33rd ed.) by Gisco the

Listed below are some of the commonly encountered demons from the Shadow
World, or the Plane of Elemental Darkness.

'paku-pak' (pak-oo/-pak) - a race of small demonoids, bred from imps.  They
are small, man-shaped creatures about three feet in heighth, with black skin
and red eyes.  They have a pair of small metallic horns and are sometimes
seen wearing pieces of black stone armor.  They are the most numerous of the
Evil Immortals' creations, being hardy, easy to control and requiring little
food.  They are ideal for summoning purposes because of their small size and
low intellect.

'Sak'trid' (sak-trid/) - a race of all female demons.  They resemble a hybrid
between a human woman and a cat, with black skin, feline paws, a tail, and
very long, pointed ears. They are very clever and stealthy, and can cast
illusionary spells to make themselves appear as dark-skinned nymphs.  Beware,
for some Sak'trid can transform themselves into a cat-shape, becoming much
larger and more dangerous. Only expert demonologists should attempt to summon
a Sak'trid, for they are seductive, clever and untrustworthy.

'Tolo'trid' (to-lo/-trid) -  demonic sorcerors, with distinctive pale skin
and black eyes. No other Shadow Plane demon resemebles the grinning,
broad-horned, lizard-like Tolo'trid. These demons were bred for intelligence,
and are very talented spellcasters.  They often carry powerful artifacts to
increase their spellcasting abilities.  These are the most often sighted
Shadow Plane creatures, for many were left behind on the primal plane after
the Great Wars, and more have been finding their way through the wards, 
opening rifts through the weaker portions.  Fortunately, they are quite mad,
and lack the capacity to organize a formal assualt with their fellow demons. 
Summoning a Tolo'trid is very simple if the creature is willing to cooperate.
 Their mighty minds are immune to charm spells, but it is possible to strike
a deal with one. It should be noted that Tolo'trids radiate a powerful
necromantic aura.  Any corpses within a mile, even skeletons or cremated
remains, will spontaneously rise as undead within several days.  They seem
completely unaware that they have this power.

'Dark Legionaire' (dark/ lee-jon/-ar) - a sturdy race of demonic soldiers. 
They stand between seven and eight feet tall, with black skin and yellow
eyes. Their feet are  cloven hooves and their tail is barbed.  Short horns
protrude from the head.  Their most dinstinctive feature are their vestigial
wings, which no other Shadow Plane demons possess.  They are intelligent and
well-disciplined. They are often garbed in black stone armor and wield pikes
or axes of blok'arni (dark mithril). They are conditioned to respond to
commands, making them ideal for summoning.

Blok Sabat (blok/ sa-bat/) -  large, powerful demons, about fourteen to
sixteen feet as the shoulder.  They are huge, thickly muscled and hunched
forward.  Their heads sport a pair of large black horns, with which they see,
for they have no eyes.  Their arms are carried bent at the elbow, with the
forearm parallel to the body and the palms upward.  This and their hunched
stance gave them their name, whichs means 'Dark Offerer'. Their hide is thin
and the muscles beneath vunerable, but their bones are nearly unbreakable,
even by magic.  They move very quickly, but only in one direction.  Because
of their hunched shape, they cannot pivot on one foot to turn. They must
slowly and painfully shuffle, foot over foot, to face their target.  However,
once a Blok Sabat begins to track its quarry, it cannot be dissuaded, even if
a more powerful enemy begins to attack them.  DO NOT under ANY circumstance
attempt to summon an Offerer -- they are too powerful to be held in
containment circles and too strong-willed to be charmed.


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