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Storefront:  Bows, arrows and more
Location:    Village of Votara, The Continent of Ramanek
Recommended Level: 42

The following items are available for sale at this time:

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Prev Item - [    500] (lvl  38) a catalpa bow with a hackberry grip
Curr Item - [    500] (tot 153) an ovangkol quarterstaff
Next Item - [    500] (tot  95) an alder club

This item has the following properties:
Item: 'quarterstaff staff ovangkol wood rhaegar'
Weight: 24  Size: 5'7"  Total levels: 153  Item quality: MASTERCRAFT
Type: WEAPON   Composition: WOOD
Requires 24 strength to wield.
Weapon damage: 3 to 42 pound   Weapon speed: slow
Object is:  
Wear locations are:  2_WIELD 

Item has effects as:
Affects:  HITROLL by 2
Affects:  DAMROLL by 25
Affects:  STR by 4
Affects:  LUCK by 1
Affects:  HP_REGEN by 3
Affects:  MANA by 1

Item description:
It's a handcrafted quarterstaff, made from ovangkol. The wood is banded
light and dark brown.
It has been hollowed out and filled with rich metallic yellow to increase its weight.


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