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Storefront:  The Kitsune's Den.
Location:    The City of Ralnoth, The Mainland of Atmir
Recommended Level: 29

The following items are available for sale at this time:

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Prev Item - [   1000] (lvl  21) The Book of Prayers
Curr Item - [   1000] (lvl  21) a dark ruby tiger figurine
Next Item - [   1000] (lvl  24) a jade tiger statue

This item has the following properties:
Item: 'dark ruby tiger Figurine'
Weight: 1  Size: 0'4"  Level: 21
Type: WAND   Composition: CRYSTAL
Object is:  
Wear locations are:  HELD 

Item has 6 charges of level 25 'fire shield'.
Item has effects as:
Affects:  MAGE_CAST_LEVEL by 1
Affects:  MANA by 10
Affects:  ARMOR by 2
Affects:  SAVING_POISON by 5%

Item description:
This small ruby has been carved to represent a stalking adult tiger. It
isn't very heavy and it seems to have the presence of magic imbued within
it. This little find may protect the holder from extreme cold.


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