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Storefront:  The Kitsune's Den.
Location:    The City of Ralnoth, The Mainland of Atmir
Recommended Level: 29

The following items are available for sale at this time:

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Prev Item - [   1000] (lvl  21) a ruby inlaid shield
Curr Item - [   1000] (lvl  24) the mages shield
Next Item - [   1000] (lvl  28) a large white shield with a red cross on it

This item has the following properties:
Item: 'shield mage'
Weight: 12  Size: 3'0"  Level: 24  Item quality: MASTERCRAFT
Type: ARMOR   Composition: MAGIC   Defense: 4 ac-apply
Wear locations are:  SHIELD 

Item has effects as:
Affects:  MAGE_CAST_LEVEL by 1
Affects:  MANA by 11
Affects:  SAVING_COLD by 15%
Affects:  SAVING_BREATH by 20%
Affects:  HITROLL by 1

Item description:
What a wondrous piece of work! This shield has arcane runes engraved in a
strange pattern on the face of it. As you heft the shield into place for
combat a power flows through you. The shield appears to be made of an unknown
metal that is warm to the touch.


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