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Alter Aeon Downloads

Alter Aeon Client Screenshot
Alter Aeon Screenshot
Welcome to the official Alter Aeon download page!

We have a number of available downloads for players to choose from, including official clients, player-contributed clients, scripts, soundpacks, screenshots and raw world maps.

For blind friendly clients, scripts, and soundpacks, please see our Blind Support Page. Beta, archive, and previous client versions can all be found in our General Download Area.

Official Downloads

  • Windows - AlterAeonLauncher.exe

    This is the most recent, Windows version of the official Alter Aeon client. It has a very small file size, built in mapping, built in status windows, and a number of other features not available in other clients.

  • Mac OSX - Alter Aeon Launcher

    This is the official Alter Aeon client for Apple Macintosh computers. It is known to work on MacOSX versions 10.7 and higher, and might work on 10.5 depending on your system configuration.

  • Linux x86 64 bit - Alter Aeon Launcher 64-Bit (based on Ubuntu 20)

    This is the official Alter Aeon client for 64-bit Intel Linux. You may need to install GTK (the Gnome ToolKit) or other libraries to run it.

  • Linux x86 32 bit - Alter Aeon Launcher 32-Bit (obsolete - based on Ubuntu 14)

    This is an ancient, obsolete Linux build for 32 bit Ubuntu. Don't use unless you know what you're doing.

Player Contributed Downloads

  • MonkeyTerm Client [Windows]

    This directory contains pre-built MonkeyTerm executables, as well as the GPL source code if you wish to modify it. MonkeyTerm has good scripting capabilities and used by many blind players.

  • GMud and GMud Scripts [Windows]

    This directory contains GMud executables and scripts for the GMud client. These downloads are intended for blind and visually impaired players with a screen reader.

Other Downloads

  • Alter Aeon Screenshots

    Here you can find screenshots of the official Alter Aeon client with various options enabled and disabled. Screenshots from older versions of the client can also be found here.

  • Raw Map Images

    This directory contains raw map images created by the game server. These images are always up to date and always represent the most recent state of the Alter Aeon game world.
For Linux support and other clients available through other parties, see our list of Alternative Mudding Clients.

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